Drift86 – Tofu Delivery Man Achievement Guide (Singleplayer Walkthrough)

The singleplayer walkthrough for the achievement Tofu Delivery Man. So far there have only been Multiplayer methods posted, this will be the first singleplayer guide.

How to Obtain Tofu Delivery Man Achievement

Achievement Info

The Tofu Delivery Man achievement requires players to reach a best drift score of 1 million points. This means players have to reach a score of 1 million without breaking their combo.


‘The Hill’ is the easiest map to complete this achievement.

Boot the map and select any vehicle you are most comfortable with. I recommend a car with better handling over speed as agility will be needed on this curvy course. You’ll be able to score at least 1.5 million drift points if you are able to maintain your combo.

‘The Hill’ is long enough for there to be room for error but I never said this achievement took 0 skill.

As you progress the course you will not have to speed your way though. I recommend taking it slowly and not flying off of the course in the various corners and hairpins.

Take your time!

The First Hairpin

To increase the efficiency of your run, attempt to have a combo multiplier of at least 6 or 7

The Bottom

Once you reach the bottom… if you reach the bottom…

Enter the final corner preparing to verge towards the right side of the road.

You will want to veer the the hill on the right once the guardrails end.

Hook your car to the left immediately after you have driven up onto the hill trying not break your combo.

At this point of the course, making the U-Turn can be very difficult. If ‘Wrong Way’ shows up on your screen, try to turn at a tighter angle while crossing the road.

If you need to, you can slide to the hill on the other side of the road.

If your combo does not break, proceed back up the mountain and you should be a-okay.

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