Dungeon Alchemist – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Virtual Tabletops are supported?

  • Dungeon Alchemist currently supports FoundryVTT, Roll20, Fantasy Grounds (Unity) and any other VTT that supports the UniversalVTT file format.

Does line-of-sight get exported automatically?

  • Yes. Walls, doors, lights etc. are exported automatically so you don’t have to add them yourself anymore.

Can I import my own assets?

  • Not right now. This is something we’ll be looking into in the future.

Do you support circular rooms?

  • Not yet. This is also something we’ll look into in the future.

How big can the map be?

  • Technically there is no limit, but your PC might not be able to handle really really large maps.

Can we get any other genres than fantasy?

  • Currently, only fantasy is supported. We will be adding additional themes in the future in the form of DLC.

Will Dungeon Alchemist be available in other languages?

  • Maybe in the future.

How can we edit objects?

  • Apparently you need to finish placing a room and some form of object / moving objects around or some such to complete the tutorial.

How to move the tool bar?

  • Under File -> Settings, there’s a slider named UI Scale. That’s all there is it seems.
  • You can also just click on the toolbar icon again to close the menu.

Is there currently any way to generate a bridge over a river or possibly a bridge item that can be placed?

  • Bridges can be found in “Place Object -> Structural -> Bridges”.

Can i export 2D map for other VTT?

  • You can!

Can i create 3D token of character?

  • We’re only a mapmaking program for now, so no unfortunately.

Is there a link to export map on FoundryVTT or Roll20?

  • Instructions on how to export are linked to from within the app, when you press the export button.

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