Dungeon Dreams 2 – Final Boss Fight Guide

The big monster or the stupid fight after? My suggestion for this and after is to go for a balanced party. You will want… (in whatever class mixture that gives you skill access).

Guide to Final Boss Fight

Note: Always go for status resistance equipment.


  1. Totem Mage + Quest Completed Lissbeth/Healer.
  2. A “Defender” class tree (Defender, Champion, etc. Whichever grants you the most skills in that class tree. If your unique class doesn’t let you use it, that unique class is useless). The most important skill is Provoke or w/e counts as one. Therefore, Paladin and Heroine is trash. Sorry Cora.
  3. Your damage dealer, whether it is your rogue or hunter.
  4. A buffer/debuffer like a Time Mage. Or Lissbeth. Lissbeth is awesome.

Lissbeth Strategy

Before/during battle. Have Lissbeth use her healing pet Uno TWICE (i think it was Uno). It increases your Max HP. Your tank class should have 9999 HP. Then have her use Regen. Keep both the Max HP and Regen buffs up in between blasting the boss with the single target random status ailment spell (especially for the stupid fight after).

As a bonus, you can also ressurect people. Lissbeth does everything!

Defender’s Strategy

Whatever counts as Provoke+Def boost, and rez if someone dies. You can also debuff the enemy’s atk in between “free turns”. In general, the provoke would make their single target attacks go for your tank. With 9999 HP, it would be hard to die in 1 hit. If by miracle you DO die in 1 hit, you still have your healer/Lissbeth to rez you. The regen placed on you and everyone else would have keep your healer’s and everyone else free from NOT healing you.

Champion is a good option since it has Champion’s Aura, Ultimate Rally and Group Revival.

Any AoE should not be a problem since your Champion can also ressurect people.

General Strategy

Keep the boss debuffed at all times. The big guy is immune to status ailment but iirc he is still vulnerable to ATK DWN. For the fight after, keep as much of the enemy party under freeze/paralyze as long as possible. Other ailments like Poison will help too. Also kill their Time Mage/healer first if that wasn’t obvious.

  • For the glory that is Totem Mage Lissbeth.
  • She has Madness that lowers ATK and DEF.
  • Fearful Flow (AoE Paralyze)
  • Life Ritual (AoE Ressurect)
  • Unstable Magic (Single Target Nearly Every Status Ailment in Existence)
  • Life Regen (AoE regen)
  • Uno (AoE Heal+ Max HP + Max MP)
  • Spirit Heal (Status heal)
  • Unlock (And you no longer need a rogue)
  • Freeze Monster (for post game ignore mobs)

She can do everything except AoE status heal.

Written by Nepnep

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