DUNGEON ENCOUNTERS – Math Riddle Solutions

In this guide, we will show you solutions for math riddles.

Riddle Solutions

Math Riddle 1 Solution06.17.25Powder GunNumbers increment by 1
Math Riddle 2 Solution11.43.59Exquisite TimepieceAlternating numbers incrementing by 4
Math Riddle 3 Solution23.79.41Otherworldly UrnPrime numbers
Math Riddle 4 Solution33.55.25KatanaA = 1, B = 2, C = 3
Math Riddle 5 Solution28.31.11De-energizerAdd two digits to get the next set of digits
Math Riddle 6 Solution26.49.73GastrophetesDecimal expansion of pi
Math Riddle 7 Solution36.28.80Maximillian HelmDigital multiplication
Math Riddle 8 Solution46.25.37Crown of LaurelsDecimal expansion of sqrt(2)
Math Riddle 9 Solution56.63.19Malio 17Digits of square numbers
Math Riddle 10 Solution59.49.58Malaflux 17Periodic table simple substitution
Math Riddle 11 Solution63.59.41Mungsten GunNumbers repeat in reverse order
Math Riddle 12 Solution14.28.57ExcavatorCyclic numbers
Math Riddle 13 Solution74.81.56TournesolDigits of perfect numbers
Math Riddle 14 Solution60.48.00Dragon WhiskerNumber of seconds in a week
Math Riddle 15 Solution31.31.31ChirijisayagataSuper bowl scores of winning teams
Math Riddle 16 Solution44.40.10JavelinReference to Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)
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  1. Great work!! Think the only thing to make this better is to add a spot for all the shops.

  2. Floor: 43, Y66 X43
    The Shark’s Secret Selection

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    The Lamia’s Potations

    Floor: 79 X75 Y06
    The Ghost Goods Exchange

    Floor: 95, Y38, X68
    The Stalker’s Game Shop

    Floor: 97 Y44 X77
    Cavy Idol

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