Dungeon Munchies – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Dungeon Munchies with a controller?

  • Yes, we support PS4, Xbox One and Logitech controllers.

Why is the game not registering my controller inputs?

  • If there input issues, please restart the game after plugging in the controller.

My controller behavior is erratic (moving left/right or jumping randomly).

  • Disable third-party controller software (ex. ds4windows) if you are experiencing controller glitches and try again.

The game is getting stuck at the nice plastic bag

  • This happens on Windows systems when the time zone settings are incorrect or when windows is unable to detect your time zone. To fix this, reset your system time to your current time zone.

The screen shows only black but with sound effect after changing resolutions setting.

  • Please press alt+enter (or cmd + f in Mac) to make this software windowed then resize it with cursor.

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