Dungeonborne – Combat Basics for Beginners

Important! If you are coming into Dungeonborne from other extraction based games, its important to understand that this game is methodical, combo based and targets can be staggered.

Combat Essentials

  • You can bait attacks and then attack but remember monster may have more reach than they appear and your movement is a bit slower so time it accordingly.
  • Even strong abilities like whirlwind on fighter can be blocked by a shield to mitigate a lot of damage if caught.
  • Powerful abilities from casters can be interrupted by other abilities like Death Knight’s grasp or swordmaster’s psionic blades.
  • Remember to bring in heals: Bandages take a long time to use but heal a lot of health instantaneously, healing potions can be used instantly but heal slower over time.
  • Bring utility flasks: shield potions are great to stop damage, fire or thunder flasks deal damage from far and stone flasks can block a path. Mimic flasks are great to trick players in solo.
  • Height is your friend, the game has a lot of verticality so use it to your advantage.
  • Sound is your friend, hear combat noise to converge on a location and not be the one making noise and be attacked.
  • Mind your openins and careful for friendly fire from weapons.

Melee Classes


  • Have a 3 hit combo (left click + left click + left click).
  • A charge move (hold left click) that lunges you forward and has a chance to stagger pve.
  • A normal block (right click) that lets you mitigate 75% of dmg at base.
  • Perfect parry (right click right before an enemy attack) to be able to riposte (left click) right after for immediate damage.


A Hard hitting long range weapon with one projectile, must be recharged after every shot but can start engagements off with high damage. Best used in pvp situations.


  • 3 hit combo like the long sword but much faster (3 left clicks).
  • Charge hit with hold left click that lunges forward and attacks with both daggers.
  • Possibility of backstab when behind the target.


  • Can do a continuous one-two attack (left click left click in succession) rapidly if using two swords, does a 2 part combo if only one is equipped.
  • Charge attack does a cross slice in place (no lunge) if two swords are equipped or a downward hit if only one is equipped.
  • Blocking with two swords imediately does a block and hit back, whereas one sword does block and allows for parry.


  • Has a 1 hit combo only when left clicking.
  • Has a charge heavy upward swing.


  • Blocks 95% of damage if held (right click).
  • Can hit out of block (left click).

Caster Classes


There are currently two elemental type staffs in the game, fire and lightning. Both need to be charged up to use their power by holding right click. Both can also attack normally by tapping left click for a quick one two combo.

Fire Staff:

  • Charges quicker than lightning staff and has one big charge.
  • Fires in front of it like a flamethrower for sustained damage at close range if left click is held.

Lightning Staff:

  • Charges slower but has 2 charges per full energy.
  • Fires in a radius selected by player when they hold down left click and lands lightning bolts that splash damage inside of the radius. Great for long range encounters and multiple casts can be stacked to deal a lot of damage.

Combat Gallery

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That’s all! I really appreciate it if you’ve made it this far. See you in the game!

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