Dwarf Fortress – Guide to Get Seeds

Short Guide to Seeds


For underground plants like plump helmets, you’ll need to rely on Dwarven traders. They’ll come in the autumn, a few months after your initial embark (and at the same time every following year).

For above ground plants, you can either trade with the humans/elves for them, or gather the plants yourself from the land you embarked on.

IIRC, when dwarves either brew a plant or eat it raw, you will get seeds leftover to plant with. However if they cook a meal with the plant, it kills the seeds and you get none. Early on when seeds are short, you may want to avoid cooking plants.

It’s very efficient to embark with a bunch of plump helmets: dwarves can both eat them raw and brew them, and either way you get free seeds as a bonus to start the farming cycle. I think you start with some by default, so you may just need to use them up to get your starting seeds.

If you can’t have your dwarfs eat the plump helmets [which produce the seeds] or brew the plump helmets [again- seeds] You can try digging down into the cavern and collect the plump helmets down there.

It is ill advised. You’ll probably die to the terrible things down there. No offense meant there it’s really bad down there.

Bonus tip

Above ground farming and plant gathering is just as useful, if not moreso now as underground farming. gather some plants above ground, brew some drinks out of them, and use the seeds to start some farms. oh and don’t forget all the fruits from trees! mmm peach wine.

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