Dwarf Fortress – Guide to the Premium UI for OG Players

If you’ve been playing ‘Classic’ Dwarf Fortress for years (decades?), you may find yourself a bit confused by the interface changes. This guide is an attempt to list the differences so old school players can quickly find what they are looking for.

Premium UI Guide for OG Players

Where the #[email protected]&%* Did That Go?

Farm Plots

  • Farm plots are now under Build->Workshop

Military Menu

  • The menu is the blue thing in the lower right, the ‘Squad’ menu.

Mason’s Workshop

  • Stonecutter’s Workshop

Cancel Mining

  • No longer in the mining menu, in it’s own “Remove Designation” menu.

Civilian Alert

  • No longer exists.


  • Merged into ‘Zones’.


  • No longer exist, see “Vermin Catcher’s Workshop” for training.

Architecture Skill

  • No longer exists.

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