Dwarf Fortress – How to Haul Items in Adventure Mode

You seem to be able to just “carry” stuff without them being in your hands, how do I do that?

How to Haul Items

Inventory management in DF is extremely fiddly, unfortunately. You can store some items in some other items. Weapons or clothing from dead enemies can be taken and put into your backpack for example. To pick things off the ground, put them in your inventory, then get them out later:

  1. Make sure your hands are free by using [q] to holster your weapons. You can press it again when you’re done to draw your weapons
  2. Press [g] to get an item from the tile you’re on (use the letters shown to choose the item)
  3. Press [p] to put an item away. This will give you a list of things you can put the item in. Choose the one you want using the letters shown
  4. Use [r] to remove the item from the container you stored it in when you want to take it out. This will put it in your hand ready for use

There are other ways to move things depending on what you want to haul, but if it’s something small enough to go in your backpack then that should work

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