Dwarf Fortress – How to Use Burrows

Please note: all credit goes to Barbiz!

Tips to Use Burrows

  • So a Burrow is set up by pressing “U” that is a capital u.
  • You then “Add new burrow” and paint all the places you want to have in that burrow. Don’t forget different Z-levels.
  • After the burrow is painted it lets you customize how it looks. This is just superficial as it can help for the people who like to have 30+ burrows in a fortress.
  • After customizing you press “Accept”.
  • At this point the burrow is formed but no dorfs will be in it. So clickl the Assign dorf and do “Civilians: All”.
  • Now you are nearly done. I’d recommend toggling Off the ability for dorfs to source supplies from outside the burry.
  • You use the “Suspend this burrow” any time you don’t want he dorfs to cower in place.

Note: If you turn a burrow on, and a dorf already was on their way to do a job, they will try to finish that job first. This can get them killed, so watch out, you may need to remove their job or enlist them in a squad to get them to “reset” their order.

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