Dwarf Fortress – Legends Mode (Starting Location and Year to Setup Fort)

Starting Location and Year to Setup Fort

First of all, Legends mode is just a mode for viewing the history of the world you’ve generated.

For the first couple of runs, I’d generate a “Large” map with a “Very Short” history, “Frequent” mineral occurence, and “medium” everything else. If you’re worried about experiencing FUN with the wildlife, turn down savagery, but the chance of you getting splattered on embark are very low. “Frequent” minerals is better than “Everywhere” minerals because you can easily get tunnel vision (har har har) and overwhelm yourself with the amount of materials you’d be collecting.

Now for the two most important parts, History and World Size. The “Very Short” History gets you in the game quickly and prevents any possible zombie apocalypse or goblin world conquests. The “Large” map gives you more choices in spawn locations for your fort.

Do Not, Under Any Circumstance, Try To Learn The Game In Evil Land. You Will Be Annihilated

Find yourself a good aligned biome, don’t bother any unicorns you might see, and don’t cut down all the trees causing the elves to retaliate. You will be able to focus on learning the game, and when you’re ready for trouble, you can make your own by sending raiders out to annoy a civilization. They will retaliate eventually.

After you’ve gotten more experience, decrease the minerals to “Sparse” and find yourself a nice “Savage” location to play in. If you place it near, but not actually in, evil territory, you’ll increase your chance of FUN. Savage worlds have “Giant” versions of animals, as well as “Animal People.” An adult male moose is nearly tent times the size of a dwarf. A Giant male moose is 71 times the size of a dwarf. Have fun hunting.

Climate is also really important. In the beginning, look for a temperate area with plenty of trees and vegetation, a river of some kind (the smaller the better, dwarves aren’t good swimmers), and no aquifer. You’ll want the area to have a “Flux Stone Layer,” “Shallow Clay,” “Deep” or “Very Deep Soil,” “Shallow Metals,” AND “Deep Metals.”

Remember, when you lose, don’t get frustrated. It will and does happen to everyone. Just go with the flow.

Have Fun!

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