Dwarf Fortress – Mood System (Stress Tips)

Stress Guide

Stress hasn’t genuinely been broken in a couple versions. There are still “doomed” dwarves but they’re a lot less common and you can usually see it coming from a ways off, so you can either do something about it or just send them off the magma therapy bridge.

Sometimes the dorf can even finish his/her career by finding the caverns if you actually chuck him into a volcano.

A lot more often just building someone luxurious quarters with furniture made out of materials they like so they routinely get the “sleeping in a room like a personal palace” message.

Also you can build them a workshop that only they can use in the Workshop Profile and make sure they create crafts or do something creative that they’re good at. If they like “intellectual” work, assign them to a lever in the library and just assign a repeat task on it which will trick him into immediately starting a scholarly task after pulling the lever (i.e. unemployed and in library).

Some dwarves thrive with certain kinds of tasks and some get stressed. So if you have a military dwarf who is doing badly consider taking him out, or at least assigning him to a lighter duty squad, for instance one that staggers training every other month or season.

If you can’t immediately build palatial quarters for everyone, consider having a grand dining room to encourage them to congregate and have lots of things to admire. Also my first mini-“megaproject” is to expose some underground soil to sun to turn it into surface so I can grow aboveground plants, then build a roof over it so nothing nasty can get in.

Rather than use super fancy stockpile nonsense, I just crank out lots of every kind of beverage I can. Also make goblets. Dwarves love goblets and hate drinking without having them.

Once everyone starts having reasonably high quality housing and you catch up with housing the migrants (or cap migration and only uncap it when you have everyone housed), you don’t need to be as fancy about stress because just their housing handles it.

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