Dying Light 2 – Best Method To Farm Parkour XP

This is currently the best method out there to farm parkour experience in Dying Light 2!

How to Farm Parkour XP Fast and Easy

Requirements & Recommendations

There is only one thing that you will need, for this method to work, and that is the Far Jump parkour skill.

You can acquire it pretty early into the game, you can see which one it is from the image below.

It’s recommended to bring some Medicine, Immunity Boosters, UV Bars, and Molotovs. Not mandatory, but useful in case you get overwhelmed by volatiles and virals while performing the method. You will see what I mean just below.

Another recommendation, which is really useful, is to wear armor that grants you bonus percentage for parkour xp!


Now this might be more risky, but with higher risks come higher rewards, right?

This is totally optional by the way, but it will greatly increase your Parkour XP gains. There are two variants of this!

Variant #1 (Difficulty: Easy):

Wait for nighttime to come and start doing your parkour. You will get 2x bonus XP after the night ends. No need to start chases!

Variant #2 (Difficulty: Hard):

Go down on the streets, just next to the building where you will be doing your parkour, and find some Howlers. You want to trigger their alerting reaction in order to start a chase. Now quickly go up the building again and start doing the parkour. As the chase levels increase, so will your bonus XP multiplier.

Chase Level 1 will not affect your bonus XP multiplier! The multiplier stays at 2x, just like when you are not in a chase.

Chase Level 2 sets your bonus XP multiplier at 3x!

Chase Level 3 sets your bonus XP multiplier at 4x! At this point, usually, there will be at least one volatile coming at you. Stay alert and make sure to have the items, listed above, ready!

Chase Level 4 sets your bonus XP multiplier at 5x! The number of volatiles increases!

Tip! If you are fast enough when performing the far jumps, the AI of the zombies will get confused and they might just stay in one spot most of the time. This will decrease the odds of them attacking you.

Tip! When you are finished with your parkour gains, quickly run to the nearest UV light/safezone to end the chase! It is important not to die, or else you will lose your bonus nighttime XP!


You will have to go the location shown in the image below.

This is what the location looks like, what you will be using is the two vault spots highlighted in green!

How to Do It?

It’s simple, just far jump from one vault to another.

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