Dying Light 2 – Easy Way to Farm a Ton of Uncommon Infected Trophies

An easy way to farm a ton of Uncommon Infected Trophies.

Uncommon Infected Trophy Farming Guide

Go to Old Villedor at night.

Specifically right where I marked on the map.

Get a chase going then come stand on this mattress.

Afterwards, the zombos should start spawning from that door over there.

Now just stand there and let them funnel in.

The bozos will try to jump to your mattress, so just use whatever tools you have to make them fall in the ditch.

If you are far enough in the game, you can use the upgraded UV Light.

It’ll stop them in mid air and they will fall straight down.

You can also use the hook shot, a throwing knife or just a kick.

Things to watch out for.

Sometimes the zombos stop spawning from the door. Just run to the edge of the plank door to the right and then back to the mattress. That should reset them and bring them back.

At chase level 3-4, Volatiles will spawn.

They will NOT fall down like the other zombozos and if you die, your loot will despawn.

Just go to the nearby safehouse and hold out.

Conveniently, there is a craftmaster so you can just farm and upgrade right here.

Collect your loot.

When you feel like you are done, go down and collect your treasure.

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