Dying Light 2 – Network Disconnected Potential Fix

Please note: all credit goes to freq!

How to Fix Network Disconnected

Alright, so I was dealing with this ‘Network Disconnected’ issue as many people, and I randomly started making the connection that most people suffering from the issue (at least with their profile public enough to the point where it was visible) seemed to have a lot of friends on Steam, myself included.

So I decided to test my theory. I deleted a bunch of friends, the sweet spot for me personally seemed to be around 300 friends on Steam, and what do you know? It actually worked, I can play now.

Would love to hear if this solves the issue for anyone else!

TL;DR: Have a lot of friends on Steam? That might be your issue, as weird as it may be.

Note: Blocking friends temporarily to reach the magic number also seems to do the trick.

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  1. Great game, really fun(as im sure we all know), but expected more for paying 50 dollars though, 25k is quite worthless, 10% discount goes unnoticed, andBain’s guide is only for people who just bought this and haven’t played the beta, when the only people that own it have played beta and already know all the basics. The only thing that was worth an exxtra 20 bucks is the soundtrack, otherwise it was a huge scam and makes me feel stupid for purchasing it.This game is worth30-35 atm. nothing more nothing less

  2. i pre-ordered the normal version but i dont have any of the items such as the masks/patterns/sights.. anyone else have this problem

    • pre-order gave you cash, sights, a mask, and a pattern. you recieve them when you open your inventory for the first time.

  3. I saw a teammate got a skull mask by card yesterday and later I got one by card too. So I think no need to reset, there’s a decent chance you can get it back.

  4. In regards to the cards… You get mod cards for weapons you don’t own. That isn’t much of a problem. The problem (and unfair fact) is that you don’t actually get the mods. Isn’t that a waste of a card and completely unjust? If you’re going to let us get mods for weapons we actually own, that’s fine. However, if instead we’re getting mods for weapons we don’t own AND they don’t actually count I’m not sure what is going on there.

  5. When I was downloading it I went to the steam folder on my computer. I saw The Guide of Bain.pdf file and I open it with adobe reader 8.0 (the whole game hasn’t download completed yet and it’s downloading) and adobe reader say “Adobe reader could not open ‘The Guide of Bain.pdf’ because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damage (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn’t correctly decode).” But I think bain guide is complete download (file size 73,178,358 bytes).

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