Dying Light 2 – Proper HUD Customization Guide

Are you disappointed by the “Let’s talk about UX” video? Do you want more HUD customization like they promised? Well I found a simple solution. You can either disable all the HUD or just some of the elements by tweaking 1 of the game’s files. Here are the steps.

Guide to HUD Customization


  1. First of all you should close the game and install 7zip to open compressed files and a text editor like notepad++.
  2. Navigate to your game folder by right clicking your game in the library and selecting Manage->Browse local files. You can also go to:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light 2
  3. Go inside the ph folder, then inside the source folder. You will be in:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light 2\ph\source
    and there’s a file called “data0.pak” there.
  4. Open the file with 7zip, winrar or whatever you use. And then go inside the “gui” folder. Extract the “hud_config.scr” file (Backup the original file before!).
  5. Open the extracted file with notepadd++. And then you just need to edit some lines to disable stuff. I will show you an example below on how to disable the radar/compass.
  6. After making the changes, delete the “hud_config.scr” file inside the guide folder in “data0.pak” and move your own inside. You could also move and replace. (Backup the original file before!)

How to disable compass (example):

Scroll to the “DisplayList(“hud_screen_layer_radar”)” line:

Remove the lines inside the brackets:

Test in game with radar ON vs OFF:

Many thanks to CrayfishTheArrowed and his video on youtube for the idea! You can find his video tutorial here to disable all the hud here (he has a file already tweaked):

Written by Raulikien


  1. The first method for removing the radar didnt work for me, but I removed radar_pc using the 2nd method and it worked.

  2. Just reporting back, the ‘skip_dialog_symbol_pc.gui’ file will as the name suggests get rid of the skip prompt, sorry for any inconvenience but feel free to add that to the list in method 2 :>

  3. Found out that 3d_location_base_imgui_pc.gui gets rid of the howlers indicators but also gets rid of markers like for your stash and objective markers on your screen which I def prefer was looking for that too

  4. With Location3DScale at 0.0 it’s perfect for me in fact for the moment, when I want to see the objective marker, i use the map. So thx a lot dude !

  5. Is there anyway to remove the grappling hook crosshair? I assume there is, but I couldnt figure out what it would be called in the gui.

    thanks for the guide, makes the game much more fun to play.

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