Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires – Guide to Aerial Movement Tier List

This is a tier list sorting every moveset in the game by how quickly they can cover ground using aerial movement. I am working only from my own observations for the first draft, so the data given here is only approximate. I put this together for my own uses, but I figured the rough data I’ve collected may be of interest to others.

Aerial Movement Tier List

S Tier: Wavedashers

S Tiers can directly jump-cancel out of aerial attacks upon landing, and additionally carries fast air momentum while chaining the attack.

S+ TIer

Among weapons, these two are notably faster and easier to pull off than all the rest.

  • Zhong Hui (Flying Swords)
  • Zhou Tai (Curved Sword)

S TIer

Cai Wenji (Harp) ← This wavedash is extremely difficult to pull off consistently.

  • Daqiao (Pugil Stick)
  • Sword
  • Wang Yi (Emei Piercers)
  • Xiao Qiao (Paired Fans)
  • Zhang He (Claws)
  • Zhurong (Boomerang)

A Tier: Gliders

Unlike S Tiers, A Tiers cannot cancel a landing aerial into another jump. However, they still have access to powerful aerial moves and usually double jumps as well.

A Tiers

  • Bao Sanniang (Danger Yoyo)
  • Huang Zhong (Bow)
  • Iron Fan
  • Jia Xu (Chain & Sickle)
  • Xing Cai (Sword & Shield)
  • Zhuge Liang (War Fan) ← Very difficult to pull off; usually lands in B Tier unless mastered

B Tier: Air Stallers

B Tiers have very similar movement capabilities to A Tiers, but the aerial attacks they have access to will gimp their horizontal speed and are only really useful for extending air time.

B+ Tiers

Guan Suo (Sabatons) gets special note for becoming able to wavedash so long as you can keep hitting enemies with its aerial attack. This only works while enemies are present, however, so it isn’t useful for traversing huge distances.

Xu Shu (Sword & Hook) gets special note for being able to drastically reduce landing lag if you land a hit with its aerial attack.

  • Guan Suo (Sabatons) ← Capable of wavedashing if charge aerial hits enemies
  • Xu Shu (Sword & Hook)

B Tiers

  • Guo Jia (Orb & Scepter)
  • Ling Tong (Nunchaku)
  • Lu Xun (Swallow Swords)
  • Pang Tong (Shadow Fan)
  • Zhang Jiao (Shaman Rod)
  • Zhou Yu (Staff)

C Tier: Double Jumpers

C Tiers have access to double jumps, which lets them jump-cancel out of grounded attacks. However, they can’t jump-cancel out of aerial attacks nor do they have any notable aerial moves that give them a significant speed or stall boost.

C+ Tiers

Zhen Ji (Flute) gets special note for gaining significantly more speed than normal from double jumps.

  • Zhen Ji (Flute)

C Tiers

  • Chen Gong (Art of War Scroll)
  • Guan Xing (Wingblades)
  • Jia Chong (Throwing Axes)
  • Liu Bei (Twin Swords)
  • Liu Shan (Rapier)
  • Sun Shang Xiang (Wheels)
  • Wang Yuanji (Throwing Knives)
  • Wang Yi (Trishula)
  • Xun Yu (Formation Rod) ← Technically can jump-cancel but it’s painfully slow and does not help
  • Yuan Shao (Extension Blade)
  • Yue Jin (Dual Hookblades)
  • Zhang Chunhua (Wired Gloves)
  • Zhu Ran (Flame Bow)

D Tier: Single Jumpers

D Tiers can’t jump cancel or double jump, which slows them down drastically. What separates D Tiers from F Tiers is that D Tiers at least have a great aerial move that could have given them a much better placing if they had better intrinsic movement.

D+ Tiers

Deng Ai (Lance) gets special note for having an aerial move that has zero landing lag.

  • Deng Ai (Lance)

D Tiers

  • Cao Cao (General’s Sword)
  • Cao Ren (Spiked Shield)
  • Dong Zhuo (Bomb)
  • Lianshi (Crossbow)
  • Lu Bu (Halberd)
  • Lu Su (Rake)
  • Sun Jian (Nine Rings Blade)
  • Sun Ce (Tonfa)
  • Sun Quan (Flame Blade)
  • Taishi Ci (Twin Rods)
  • Wen Yang (Javelin)
  • Xiahou Ba (Siege Spear)
  • Xiahou Dun (Podao)
  • Zhang Bao (Flail Sword)
  • Zhang Fei (Double Pike)

D- Tiers

Meng Huo (Gloves) gets special note because its best aerial for movement gets completely stalled if it hits an enemy.

  • Meng Huo (Gloves)

F Tier: Trash

F Tiers have no good aerial movement whatsoever: No jump-cancels, no double jumps, and no good aerials.

F Tiers

  • Cao Pi (Dual Blade)
  • Dian Wei (Axe)
  • Ding Feng (Circle Blade)
  • Fa Zheng (Woven Cloth)
  • Gan Ning (Flail) ← Can run faster with running attack combo, but this isn’t aerial movement
  • Great Sword
  • Guan Yinping (Dual-headed Mace)
  • Guan Yu (Crescent Blade)
  • Guo Huai (Arm Cannon)
  • Han Dang (Short Pike)
  • Huang Gai (Boat) ← Can move at speed with Strong Attack 0, but this isn’t aerial movement
  • Lianshi (Mandarin Duck Hooks)
  • Li Dian (Wheeled Halberd)
  • Liu Shan (Bench)
  • Lu Lingqi (Crossed Pike)
  • Lu Meng (Pike)
  • Ma Dai (Paintbrush)
  • Meng Huo (Stele)
  • Pang De (Mace)
  • Sima Yi (Horsehair Whip)
  • Sima Zhao (Striking Sword)
  • Spear
  • Wei Yan (Double Voulge)
  • Xiahou Yuan (Bow & Rod)
  • Xu Huang (Great Axe)
  • Xu Zhu (Club)
  • Yu Jin (War Trident)
  • Yueying (Bladebow)
  • Yueying (Dagger-Axe)
  • Zhang Liao (Twin Axes)
  • Zhao Yun (Dragon Spear)
  • Zhuge Dan (Short Rod)
  • Zuo Ci (Talisman Cards)

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