Dyson Sphere Program – Logistics and FPS Tiny Tips

A tiny advice how to improve your FPS when u have plenty of Dyson Shells and structures, and also an advice how to advance your interstellar logistic station.

Tiny Tips to Logistics and FPS

Improved Logistics

So, very simple. It’s so simple that I feel myself like i’m an idiot for not paying attention earlier. Basically, you can fidget with lots of setting at your Interstellar Logistic Station. As you see above, there is setting regarding the reach of your ILS in ur cluster. Thus, using this, u can utilise local production of whatever product between planets, and also avoid ur vessels flying to another star to Gas Giant. Try using setting. Do not be afraid, u can take down the building if u got the setting too freaky.

FPS and Dyson Sphere

Do you see a button there? Try it out. It will most definatley increase ur FPS if u already builded few shells around ur stars to get as much possible of energy.

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