EA SPORTS FIFA 23 – How to Fix: Unable to Connect to EA-Servers

Please note: all credit goes to Guacamaya シ!

You have the error message, that you can not connect to the Fifa 23 servers? Here I show you how to fix it easily and only with a few steps (It worked for me, I hope it is a guaranteed solution for everyone, let me know if this didn`t work for you!).

Unable to Connect to EA-Servers Fix Guide

How-To Step-by-Step

First step

  • Search for your Fifa 23 in your library.
  • Right click on it and go to properties.
  • Then go to the section called local files and click on browse.
  • Then you have to search for the Fifa23.exe right click on it and make a short cut to your desktop!

Second step

After you did everything said in the first step, continue with this:

  • After you created a short cut on your desktop, right click on your short cut of Fifa23.exe.
  • Then search for the option to run it as an administrator.

You`re done!

After running it as an administrator, you should be fine and can enjoy the game more or less.

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