Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – How to Get Fire Rune Lv. 3 Early

Before you can even craft the Fire Rune!

Guide to Get Fire Rune Level 3

Map Location

How to Get the Rune

  • After arriving at the Lava Ruins for the first time (You must be in Quest: The Search for the Humongous Lens). Just keep going until the quest is clear.
  • After the quest changed into the new one, just keep going to next room and you will find a room with 4 branches as the map location shows above.
  • Go to the bottom right part of that room until you reach a Slime and a Yeti as image below.
  • Kill the Yeti first and then the Slime with CJ, then the Slime will drop a bomb, strike it to the Red Pillar with Garoo, then the Pillar will be destroyed, go to next room behind it.
  • Just keep going until you find a chest in the edge of the room as image below.

Congratulations! You got a Fire Rune Lv. 3 just before you can craft the Lv. 1. Equip it, then you can destroy all the Red Pillar in the game.

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