ELDEN RING – All Prattling Pate and Emote Locations

This is a list of all the Prattling Pate and Emote locations. These are useful for communicating with strangers online. Prattling Pates act as your voice and Emotes act as a visual.

Prattling Pates


Located in Stormfoot Catacombs which is in the cliffside just North-West of the Church of Elleh

Please Help

Located in the Impaler’s Catacombs on the North-East shore of Weeping Peninsula.

Thank You

Located in the Tombsward Catacombs, in the cliffs South of the Church of Pilgrimage in North-Center Weeping Peninsula.


Located in the Cliffbottom Catacombs, which is on the South-Eastern shore of Liurnia Lake.


Located in the Unsightly Catacombs, West of Perfumer’s Grotto which is North-West of the Abandoned Coffin Grace in South-East Mt. Gelmir. You will come across this Grace after taking the “Coward’s Path” and killing the boss of Ruin-Strewn Precipice in North-East Liurnia Lake.

You’re Beautiful (Needed for Boc’s Questline)

Located on the South-West side of Hermit Village, North-East of the Craftsman’s Shack Grace in Mt Gelmir, South-East of Volcano Manor. Requires going counter-clockwise around the North side of the mountain to reach the South side.

Let’s Get To It

Located in the Sainted Hero’s Grave in Altus Plateau, located North-East of the Altus Highway Junction Grace on the hill North of Stormcaller Church. You will need to approach from the the Rampartside Path Grace in the East.

My Beloved

On one of the branches just below the Haligtree Canopy Grace at the start of Miquella’s Haligtree. Requires Haligtree Medallion


Beckon/Bow/Dejection/Jump For Joy/Point Downwards/Point Forwards/Point Upwards/Rallying Cry/Rest/Wait/Warm Welcome/Wave

Started With.

The Ring

Automatic if you Pre-Ordered Elden Ring, otherwise, kill a boss alongside someone who got the gesture through Pre-Order.

My Lord

Obtained from Boc at the end of Boc’s Questline. You will need to get the good ending by obtaining the “Prattling Pate: You’re Beautiful” and using it on him when he asks for a Larval Tear then accept him as your vassal.


At the very VERY start of the game, after your first death, jump down the cliffs next to the ghost in the chair and finish the tutorial area.


  • Option 1 – Kill Kale
  • Option 2 – Talk to Merchant Kale after hearing Blaidd’s Howling in the Forest in East Limgrave.
  • Option 3 – Join Ranni before killing Radahn and talk to Spirit Blaidd.

Nod in Thought

Talk to Sorceress Sellen under Waypoint Ruins East of the Lake in Limgrave.

Crossed Legs

On a corpse on a ruin South of the Golden Tree Seed, South of Stormhill Shack.

Sitting Sideways

Talk to Roderika while she is in Stormhill Shack.

Triumphant Delight

  • Option 1 – Free Alexander in North Limgrave at the cliff overlooking the Saintsbridge Grace
  • Option 2 – Free Alexander in East Liurnia Lake at the cliff overlooking Jarburg

Grovel for Mercy

Beat Patchesto 50% health in Murkwater Cave, located along the river North of the lake in Limgrave.

Extreme Repentance

After beating Patches to 50% health and accepting his surrender, hit him then let him knock you to 50% health.

Calm Down

After sparing Patches in Murkwater Cave, buy some stuff and reload the area and talk to him about the chest until he lets you have it then open it. Afterwards, run back and talk to Patches again for the emote.


Talk to Brother Corhyn at Roundtable Hold.

What Do You Want

Talk to Ensha in Roundtable Hold

Reverential Bow

Hop off the balcony in Roundtable Hold and allow Mad-Tongue Alberich to bow before starting the fight.

Dozing Cross-Legged

In Stormveil Castle, from the Rampart Tower Grace, head East and jump onto the rooftops. The gesture will be on a cross-legged corpse on the roof near a bird.


Interact with the Two Fingersin Roundtable Hold after collecting your first Great Rune.


Kill any Great Rune Holder then meet the Two Fingers in Roundtable Hold. After meeting them, go back to White-Faced Varre’s location at the start of the game and read the message there.


Talk to Roderika in Roundtable Hold after leveling your spirits at her a few times (she will say something about her improvement as a Spirit Tuner)

As You Wish

Give Hyetta a Shabriri Grape at the Lake-Facing Cliffs Grace at the beginning of Liurnia Lake. A grace is found under the Throne Room in Stormveil and there is an entrance in the cliffs nearby.

Spread Out

Gotten from Blackguard Big Boggart at the Prawn Shack in South-East Liurnia Lake. You have to buy a prawn from him. In order to buy prawns, go to Rya who is East of his location in a pavilion and talk to her about her necklace. Go talk to Blackguard Big Boggart and buy the necklace from him then talk to him again to buy prawns.

Fire Spur Me

In the camp of fire guys South-East of the Church of Vows in East Liurnia Lake.


Gotten from Thops by giving him the secondary Glintstone Key found in on the chandelier at the top of the Church of Cuckoo in Raya Lucaria. Requires taking the rooftops outside the Debate Parlor and to the right.

Balled Up

Perform a rebirth at Raya Lucaria after defeating the boss.

Polite Bow

Talk to the Finger Maiden at Castle Redmane in South-East Caelid during the Festival.

Heartening Cry

During the Festival at Castle Redmane in South-East Caelid, talk to the Announcer of the Festival.

Casual Greeting

  • Option 1 – Summon Great Horned Tragoth during Radahn’s fight.
  • Option 2 – Summon Great Horned Tragoth before the boss fight in the “Coward’s Path”(Ruin-Strewn Precipice) at the end of the river in North Liurnia Lake.

Inner Order

Give the Twinned Armor Set, Found on D’s Corpseto the man just outside of the Boss in North Siofra Aqueduct. You can get to the boss by entering the Crater in the South-East part of Limgrave’s Forest after killing Radahn. Proceed through the underground area to the forest then go along a hidden path North of the forest.

Outer Order

Talk to Melina at the in the Minor Erdtree Church Grace, outside the inner South-West wall of Leyndell.

Desperate Prayer

From Gowry at Gowry’s Shack, East of the swamp in Caelid. You have to progress Millicent’s Questline until Gowry lets you buy Pest Threads from him. Talk to him after buying them for the emote.

By My Sword

In the Fortified Manor in South-West Leyndell, in the room where Fia normally is in Roundtable Hold.

Golden Order Totality

Gotten from Goldmask during Brother Corhyn/Goldmask’s Questline. Solve the question Goldmask has when he is at Leyndell’s Coliseum. You do this by using Law of Regression on the Statue of Radagon later on in Leyndellthen telling him the answer.

Fancy Spin

In the Stargazer Ruins in West Mountaintops of the Giants. There is a Jellyfish there looking for her sister. Summon the Jellyfish Spirit Ash to get the emote.

Hoslow’s Oath

Invade the 3rd Volcano Manor Target in Mountaintops of the Giants.

My Thanks

From the ghost at the end of the hall in Volcano Manor after killing the final boss of Volcano Manor.

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