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Runes can be obtained by defeating enemies or using items. Runes are used to level up your character, buy items, and strengthen weapons and armor.

Site of Grace

In this world, there are a rest points called sites of grace.

Resting at a site of grace will restore your HP, FP, and heal any status ailments. It will also refill all of your sacred flasks. Most of the enemies you’ve defeated will be revived when you rest at a site of grace.

How to Use a Site of Grace

  • Approach the site of grace and press the [△/Y] button to activate it.
  • From here, pressing the [△/Y] button will bring up the menu and let you rest.
  • Sites of grace that you haven’t reached yet emit rays of light.

Site of Grace Menu

The site of grace menu is available while resting. The selections available will change as the story progresses.

  • Pass Time: Move time forward in the game
  • Level Up: Enhance your character’s stats
  • Add Charge to Flask: Increase the number of times you can use the flask
  • Increase Amount Replenished by Flasks: Enhance the flask’s restorative effect
  • Distribute Flask Charges: Allocate the number of charges for your sacred flasks
  • Memorize Spell: Equip magic you have learned in the memory slots to use it in the game. The number of slots available depends on your character’s status
  • Mix Wondrous Physick: Mix acquired crystal tears to customize the effects of Flask of Wondrous Physick
  • Sort Chest: Store items in or remove items from the chest

Sites of grace that you already discovered will be saved on the map. Select the site of grace you want to travel to on the map, and you will move to that location. You cannot travel while in some dungeons.

Guidance of Grace

The light emanating from some sites of grace gives a hint as to where you may want to go next.

The guidance of grace can also be found in the map menu.


When a rebirth monument is nearby and a monument icon is shown on the left side of the screen, you can use ashes to summon a spirit.

The summoned spirit will leave when its HP reaches zero, when a boss is defeated, when the spirit moves a certain distance away from the monument, or when the same ashes are used again.

Only one type of spirit can be summoned at a time, and spirits cannot be summoned during multiplayer.

Stakes of Marika

Upon dying, you will be revived at the last site of grace at which you rested. However, if you died near a Stake of Marika, you can choose to be revived there instead.

You can confirm if you are in the area of effect of a stake of Marika by checking if the status icon (bow and arrow icon) appears.

Spectral Steed

Use the Spectral Steed Whistle to summon a spectral steed to ride.

If the spectral steed dies it can be summoned again, but it will consume a flask of crimson tears.


You can see your current location, terrain, buildings, and other information. Markers and landmarks can be placed on the map.

You can also go to a site of grace that you have discovered from the map menu.

You can’t open the map when you are engaged in battle.

Birdseye Telescope

Use the birdseye telescopes in each area to see into the distance like a bird and get a better view of your destination..


A character dies when their HP reaches zero.

When you die, all the runes you are carrying will be dropped. You can retrieve them by going back to the location of your death. If you die again before retrieving them, they will be lost.

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