ELDEN RING – Guide to Level 1 & No Upgraded Weapons (Early PvP Setup)

Guide to set up a lvl 1 character with all talisman slots for low level, and more importantly, low gear level pvp.

Level 1 & No Upgraded Weapons


Why would you want to push yourself and possibly your friends to do this?

It’s relatively simple, you can avoid a lot of late-game cheese weapons and spells by being minimum level and having unupgraded weapons.

And ofcourse, to get that challenge and cheese feel of limiting yourself in a particular way.

With that said, enjoy the guide!


First, have a willing friend or two to help out.

Second, grab the following items before you involve said friends:

  • Great Turtle Shell, Weeping Peninsula.
  • Jellyfish Shield, western Liurnia.
  • Radagon’s Soreseal, Fort Faroth – Caelid.
  • Starscourge Heirloom, Fort Gael – Caelid.
  • Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom, Millicent – Caelid.
  • Arrow’s Reach Talisman, Stormgate – Limgrave.
  • A longbow, or the Black Bow, Leyndell Capital.
  • A surplus of arrows (rot, poison, bleed, regular).

The Start

Start as Wretch, for lv 1

  • Go through the tutorial for ~600 runes to get the crafting kit from Kalé.
  • Acquire Torrent from Melina at either the Gatefront or Agheel Lake North grace.
  • Optional at first; travel to Liurnia or Caelid to unlock the Roundtable Hold.

The Trip

  • Head south towards the Tower of Return in the south-western part of the Weeping Peninsula.
  • Get up the tower and open the Roofie Chest.

Welcome to Leyndell Capital

  • Now that you are at the Divine Bridge, there are two ways to get down the elevator.

Warp skip:

  • There is a bug that can reposition you if you quit out after travelling to another site of grace.
  • After sitting at the site of grace, warp anywhere and alt-f4 out of the game once the load bar hits the first 1/5th, once you pay attention to this load bar you’ll see the point where it halts for a moment, that’s the spot.
  • After quitting out loading back up you spawn before the East Capital Rampart grace. (Search ‘Leyndell Royal Capital Early’ by MrTurboMoose if you want a video for this)
  • From here, you run down to the Avenue Balcony grace and beyond, up the dragonwing towards the West Capital Rampart grace.

Friend and Invader

  • Summon a friend so you can be invaded OR use the Taunter’s Tongue (1).
  • Since you can only be invaded by lv1’s you might need another friend to invade you.
  • The invader needs to spawn at the lower part, by chance, either lucky at the first spawn, or by using the Phantom Bloody Finger. They can raise the elevator from there and unlocking Leyndell Capital for you.
  • From here you run past the Iron Virgins and head into the Fortified Manor.
  • Once you are past the West Capital Rampart or Fortified Manor, you run up the branch up to Godfrey, First Elden Lord.

(1) Taunter’s Tongue tangent:

Get a spear (I used the short spear from the Twin Maiden Husks) and the Poisonous Mist Ash of War from the rot lake in Caelid. Proceed to fight Mad Tongue Alberich down the balcony in the Roundtable Hold. He will two-hit you when he catches you at this level, so this is a trial of patience.

Godfrey, First Elden Lord

Once arrived at the Erdtree Sanctuary, there are two options, and only one will keep your blood from boiling.

  • Kill Godfrey yourself, 1v1 no-hit run extended patience required.
  • Summon friends to kill Godfrey while you hang back, avoiding stray attacks.

The recommended strategy for your friends is using greatshields and spears/(great)thrusting swords. He is immune to status effects so this will just take a longer time. The Fingerprint Greatshield +25 and the Greatshield talisman make it so blocking requires no stamina and only stops stamina regeneration.
To stay safe yourself, Make use of the Jellyfish Greatshield alongside either Radagon’s Soreseal or the Starscourge Heirloom. Using the Great Turtle Shell grants extra stamina regen if needed.
Upon defeating Godfrey, you get the third Talisman Pouch, now allowing you to wield the Black Bow when you use both Radagon’s Soreseal and the Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom.

After Godfrey you head to the Queen’s Bedchambers grace, while avoiding the Black Knife Assassin (succesfully or not).

Morgott, the Omen King

There are once again two options.

  • Kill Morgott, 1-3v1 no-hit run extended patience required.

I recommend using poison, rot, bleed and frost if you attempt this.

  • Walk into the boss arena to spawn Morgott, and proceed to die to him.

Once you get back, do not enter the boss arena. Instead, with Light Load, jump on the guard rails and jump UP around onto the higher guard rails next to the fog door. (When trying this, jump on the side that has a floor, not off the edge.. please.)

From here you can shoot Morgott with a longbow. If not using the Arrow’s Reach Talisman you have to aim slightly up to hit him. Shoot whatever arrows you have at him to take him down.

Enter the boss room before he dies/despawns, run in when he hits 0 and starts to fade out!

If you are not in the arena when he has faded, you lock this character out due to the requirement to touch the Erdtree thorns and talk to Melina.

This will not happen if you have not accepted Melina’s Accord.

After succesfully killing Morgott, you get his Great Rune, Rememberance and the first Talisman Pouch. – Sidenote, you have now also cleared the path into Stormveil Castle. Margit Skip ftw.

After Morgott

After being rejected by the Erdtree and discussing that event with Melina, you return to the Roundtable Hold.

Once there, you talk to Enia at the Roundtable Hold, touch the Two Fingers for the Rapture gesture.

After that, you head to the Twin Maiden Husks who will now, for the reasonable price of 500 runes, sell the second Talisman Pouch.

The Bloody Finger

To finish the tale, please for the love of warrior jars, head to The First Step grace, and touch Varré’s message for the Bravo! gesture.

Before following the message’s instructions and visit Varré in Liurnia.

Finish his questline, and enjoy invading to your hearts’ content, and helping out starters while having fashion and four talisman slots available to you!

Things to Avoid

There are three people you want to avoid certain parts of their storylines for since they drop or give their upgraded weapons, messing up the build.

These people are, and the point where to avoid them are:

  • Castellan Edgar
    He drops a +8 Banished Knight Halberd with the Spinning Strikes Ash of War.
    To stay safe: Do not under any circumstance kill him, you can clear his and Irina’s questline to unlock Hyetta’s line (and in particular the As You Wish gesture), but avoid the Revenger’s Shack in western Liurnia.
  • Patches
    He drops a +7 Spear, along with his gear when killed.
    To stay safe; give him mercy to receive the Grovel for Mercy gesture, attack him once again to gain aggro. Let him hit you until you are ~25% health and receive the Extreme Repentance gesture and reset the area. This makes him friendly again and unlocks the shop & further storyline.
  • Spellblade Rogier
    He gives you his +8 Rogier’s Rapier with the Glintblade Phalanx Ash of War.
    To stay safe: be humble and do not brag about your defeating Godrick.
    And, do not disturb the dead once he snoozes.
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