ELDEN RING – How to Get in The Bell Tower / Walking Mausoleum

Need help getting into The Walking Mausoleum? We got you covered…

How to Get in The Bell Tower / Walking Mausoleum

Step 1 – Get on Torrent Your Horse-Goat

First things first… You need to be on your horse goat Torrent if you want to not get stepped on and die. Trust me. So hop on your horse and charge the beast!

Step 2 – Smack His Weird Skull Barnacle Growths

Yup, you just ride up to them and start smacking away, and if you clear enough of them he will decide its a good idea to take a seat for good.

Step 3 – Get Out Of Derr!!!

Run Now Now Now!!!! Go!!!! Get To The Choppa!

Step 4 – Calm Down Son

Respect the beast of whom you have laid down and gaze upon its sitting glory.

Step 5 – Go Get Your Munny Baggins

Hop inside and begin looting, although thats not really what you do here, more in the video guide on this, and if you like this guide, be sure to help our channel grow with a Like and Sub!

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    • You go inside and use it to re-activate a remembrance. Which means if you use it to get some souls, or to get a weapon, and you want the other option available from the weird finger lady at the round table hold, you can then go to one of these and reactivate it so you can use it again. But be careful, each tower only does one remembrance, and can only be used one time.

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