ELDEN RING – Tips for Noobs

Newbies Tips

  • Take your time for exploring. You don’t need to fight every enemy in sight. When a boss or area sems to be much too hard, go somewhere else. Explore the whole Limgrave and to the south ( Weeping Peninsula). Only after this ( and some level ups) continue with Castle Stormveil.
  • Talk to all your NPCs and exhaust their dialogues, after some progress visit them again and talk more. Don’t kill your NPCs.
  • Buy crafting recipes and notes. Read item descriptions.
  • Try different weapons, learn their movesets and figure out which playstyle / weapon you like.
  • Upgrade a few weapons with different damage types.
  • Use everything the games gives you: Ashes of War, Spirit Summons, Consumables‚Ķ

Very important: level up vigor!

Written by Dark Angel

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