ELEX II – Sunglasses Locations


If you’re looking for free sunglasses to make items, creatures, machines and nearby hazards more visible here are some locations. You can also buy them from the traders, but here you can have those for free!

There are different types of sunglasses:

  • Perspective – makes items more visible
  • Sixth sense – makes nearby hazards more visible
  • Machine focus – makes robots and drones more visible
  • Meaning of life – shows monsters on the radar

The sunglasses are where the jax stands, not where the cursor is, read the description under the photos for more details.

Sunglasses Locations

Location Number One (Sixth Sense)

It’s inside the building, there is a quest with Drab to find Urax and sunglasses are in the same building.

Location Number Two (Machine Focus)

The sunglasses are on top of the tower.

Location Number Three (Perspective)

The sunglasses are next to the tree.

Location Number Four (Perspective)

The sunglasses are next to the chest.

Location Number Five (Meaning Of Life)

The sunglasses are in front of a small camp.

Location Number Six (Perspective)

The sunglasses are on the skull in front of a tent.

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