Emily is Away 3 – How to Get the All Endings Achievement (and Others Without Replaying Anything)

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With some clever edits of the player.json text file in your appdata folder, you can unlock all the achievements including the ‘All Endings’ one without having to replay certain parts of the game. Useful if you want to 100% the game with minimal effort or your save corrupts (like mine did).

All Endings Achievement Guide

How This Guide Is Different to the Other Ones

The other guides also involve editing the json file to trick the game into thinking you are on your second play through so you can get the other two endings. However, this does mean that you have to click through the same dialogue options until you get to the end of the fourth and fifth chapter.

Chapters 1-3 have no bearing on the ending you get, only the sub-endings. This means that for the ‘all endings’ achievement, it does not matter what you do in the first three chapters.

This guide will allow you to get all the endings without actually having to play any more of the game. Lets be honest, the game has little replay value so the task of replaying for a few hours can seem a bit tedious and daunting.

What to Do

Steps are simple, and easy to follow.

Open your player.json file with notepad

This can be found in:

  • YourName –> AppData –> LocalLow –> KyleSeeley –> Facenook – Welcome to Facenook

Once found, replace all the text with this:


Save, close the document and launch your game.

You will see two save slots, click the second one.

Open the ‘View Secrets’ tab. Here you can click the ‘Main Endings’ box and the ‘It Takes Two’ box to unlock both achievements.

This should unlock the achievements for All Endings, Ending with Emily and Ending with Evelyn.

Secret Achievements

Pasting the new contents into the Player.json file may unlock all the secret achievements too but i cannot confirm that as i had them unlocked before i used this method.


Replacing the text in your player.json file allows you to get the ‘All Endings’ achievement without replaying ANY part of the game. To my knowledge, there isnt any other guide or post that details this method. Only ones telling you how to trick the game into thinking you are on a second playthrough.

All these other methods require you to replay the game. This one doesn’t.

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