Emily is Away Too – How to Obtain Hidden Achievement (Without Restarting Game)

How to unlock the hidden achievement after completing the game – without restarting your game.

Hidden Achievement Guide

The Guide

Open up your save file here:

  • “C:\Users\%username%\AppData\LocalLow\KyleSeeley\Emily Is Away Too\savefile.txt”

This is a list of all the choices you made. In the below table, search for each string. Replace the number at the end of the list with the number listed in the second column. For example, when searching for “Q2hhcHRlcjJFbUlzVmlyZ2lu” you’ll see the following:


The last number – 1. If yours says 0, change it to 1. If it says 1, leave it alone.

Here’s the list of choices you need:

Name – Value

  • Q2hhcHRlcjJFbUlzVmlyZ2lu – 1
  • Q2hhcHRlcjJFdmFJc250VmlyZ2lu – 0
  • Q2hhcHRlcjJFbVNhbWVPdXRsb29r – 1
  • Q2hhcHRlcjJFdmFTYW1lT3V0bG9vaw – 0
  • Q2hhcHRlcjFFbVBsYXllckRyaW5rcw – 0
  • Q2hhcHRlcjFFdmFQbGF5ZXJEcmlua3M – 0

Save the file, boot up the game, and load chapter 5. Then open Matt’s profile and click the link.

Written by Solid Snake

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