Empires of the Undergrowth – Wolf Spiders Guide (How to Beat Them)

This guide will tell you what they are, strength’s and weakness’s and how to counter them.

Definitive Guide to Wolf Spiders


The beach wolf spider (arctosa littorails) is a beach creature in empires of the undergrowth. It is not a big of a problem in its early stage’s, however. Even if they cannot take many hits, they can deal brutal damage in combat. In fact, i have tested them in the battle arena and the large wolf spider are the 2nd strongest enemy in the game.

Tiny Wolf Spiders

Even though they are small, but they can brutal damage to a very young colony if they are not ready for it. Tiny wolf spiders can come in large packs, but can be quickly dealt with from a large colony.

Small Wolf Spiders

They can pack a punch to a medium or even a large-sized colony. But a tiger beetle can take one out. They give 110 food which is alot of food, even for a large colony!

Medium Wolf Spiders

Medium wolf spiders are a real pain to deal with for a large colony but they are thankfully a piece of cake for a huge colony, however. That is if they are a small pack. If it is a large pack then well, say goodbye to a enemy colony if they attack.

Large Wolf Spiders

No doubt, the king of its kind. not only could it deal venom damage but it can eat ants and other bugs to heal. Like i said, it is the 2nd strongest creature in the game. But a huge colony might be able to take one down.


Here are the strengths of the wolf spider.

  1. They can deal with both group attacks and 1v1.
  2. They are nocturnal, meaning they only come out at night, but that is not a strength.
  3. They are fast, similarly to a tiger beetle.
  4. They can deal very high damage but cant take to many hits.


Here are the weakness’s of the wolf spider.

  1. Ants that deal very high damage (such as army ant majors and leaf cutter majors) can deal with large wolf spiders.
  2. They are fast, so use rapid-fire wood ants with level 3 to slow them down.
  3. Ants that can crowd-control such as army ant majors can deal with them very quickly.
  4. Since the large wolf spider has devour (a abillty which ins-ta kills a small creature to heal itself) use large ants to make sure it never heals.

How to Counter

After you heard all of that you are probably thinking, “how do i counter the wolf spider?” well, here are 3 things you should do to counter it.

  1. You can lure a wolf spider to other creatures just as a large bush crickets but you will need more then one.
  2. A wolf spider inside a nest go for your brood area’s then your queen.
  3. You should use not only leaf cutter and army ant majors, but also wood ants since their acid will deal very high damage.

Written by Ravagecat13

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