Endling – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Guide to completing all achievements in Endling: Extinction is Forever.

How to Obtain All Achievements


  • Enter your lair with a full stomach.

This one is relatively easy to achieve, especially in the first couple of nights when your kits aren’t following you around. If you don’t get it then for some reason though, feed your kits as much as possible during the night before returning to your den, and carry some food with you to give them before entering.

Detox Diet

  • Don’t feed your cubs for six days in a row.

This one, again, is relatively straight-forward. The easiest way to achieve this is in the first 5 nights of the game, as there isn’t a lot of trash you naturally come by anyway and the game places alternate food in your path. The other best time to go for this achievement is once you get to your second den. In the forest area in the early nights there is an abundance of animals, berries and eggs to get you by, as well as Molly.

A Friend in Need

  • Release the Badger from the trap.

On Night 8 the badger will get trapped and her icon will have moved on the map. If you are following the scent of your missing cub you will walk right past her, she is very hard to miss. Interact with the cage and it will set her free. You have 2 nights to free her, otherwise she will disappear (she is needed for other achievements).

Peaceful Instinct

  • Do not kill any animal (fish, mouse, rabbit, pigeon, chicken) for five days.

Straightforward, however the best time for this achievement is towards the end of the game. By the time you reach the Dumping Ground (3rd den), your kits should have most of their skills. This means they can get food for themselves (your kits can still hunt and it won’t effect this achievement). There is also a lot of trash around that area.

A Barking Fox Doesn’t Bite

  • Bark at the Roamer.

The Roamer is the human who appears occasionally with a guitar and sings. The first time you can interact with them is after you’ve reached your second den and the forest is disappearing. You will be able to hear a person singing. Go toward the sound until you find them and then bark. They will give you a berry.

Chicken Dinner

  • Hunt a chicken for the first time.

The first place you will likely encounter a chicken is in the Forest area after you’ve reached your second den. Bark at it and it will get scared and jump over its enclosure. Then simply run after it and go for the kill.

You can also get a chicken by going to the chicken factory in the Forest area. If no chickens appear at first, try barking a few times.


  • Pet a scared cub.

Safest way to unlock this one is to get attacked by an owl and defeat it. Owls sit on perches around the map and you can sneak past them to avoid waking them. This time, don’t sneak and allow the owl to spot you so that it will try to attack one of your kits. Make sure that you are not injured, and that you are ready to key smash. Once the owl is gone, the kit will be scared.Hit the Pet button/key to cheer it up.


  • Reunite the Badger cub with their mother

After you reach the Forest area, after you’ve made it to your second den, around Night _ you will encounter the Badger mother (assuming you previously freed her earlier in the game) and her cub, stuck on a high ledge. To get this achievement you will have to go the long way around by sneaking past the Scavanger, reaching the badger cub and picking it up, and sneaking back to the mother. Be careful when sneaking past the Scavanger, as it will end the game if he spots you. be sure to crouch, even if it seems slow, because he will be able to hear sprinting or walking.


  • Let your cubs eat every kind of food in the game.

There are 16 different types of food in the game, and you have to let your kits eat one of each to unlock this achievement. They are:

  • Apples
  • Berries
  • Deer
  • Fish
  • Garbage
  • Rat
  • Rabbit
  • Chicken
  • Pigeon
  • Worms
  • Egg (colour of egg does not make a difference)
  • Canned food
  • Takeout container
  • Mushrooms
  • Potato chips (indicated by a burger icon)
  • Candy bar/Stick bar (indicated by a burger icon)

For a Better Tomorrow

  • Learn all cub skills.

During the game your kits will be able to learn different skills to help survive. Some of these are acquired naturally as the game progresses, others you will have to encounter certain events to unlock. Objects in the game that your kits can use their skills on are indicated with a grey/white paw icon. If one of your kits has the necessary skill to interact with it, the paw will be blue. Then you can press your Skill button/key to interact. Here are all of the skills and how to acquire them:

  • Squeeze Through: Unlocked on the Western entrance to CareCorp, left of the water. You can access it bu either digging under the fence to the south or the sewage pipe to the West (head left from your first den and follow the trail north. Get up on the walkway and head toward CareCorp. There will be a gap that you have to jump across, and one of your kits will fall. Climb down and take the kit to the left side where you will push them through some wooden planks.
  • Dig: Unlocked in the sewers of CareCorp. One of your kits will fall into some sludge.
  • Climb: Earned from getting help from Molly during game progression
  • Hunt: Unlocked at the Scavenger’s Hut (near the Dumping Ground area). Jump on the cages next to the hut and keep walking until one of your kits falls down into a cage with a rat in it.
  • Dangle: Unlocked in the CareCorp area. On the most Eastern trail (closest to the third lair/dumping ground area), climb on the container half way through and then climb up the pipe. Whichever of your kits knows climb will follow. Then climb on the cardboard box and then keep going until you reach a pigeon sitting on a nest. The event will trigger.
  • Deactivate Traps: Towards the end of the game, after you’ve reached the third den, there will be a trap near the den’s entrance (where the Scavenger is) one night that will be triangular rather than the normal bear traps. Get caught in it, and your kit will learn the skill.

Easter Egg

Have your cubs eat the Easter Egg.

For this achievement, you will need the Dangle skill. Please see For a Better Tomorrow for details.

The Easter Egg is located at the southern part of the furthest west trail on the map. Simply use the Dangle skill to get the egg and have your kits eat it to unlock the achievement.

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  1. If the animal (rabbit) was already dead, and you didn’t hunt it yourself, would that still work for the omnivore trophy?

  2. Deer is only availible in the first couple of nights, you have to go back to where the tutorial finished to get it before it disappears. I think the takeout container is in CareCorp also but I need to double-check.

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