Endzone – A World Apart – Shut Up and Take My Money Achievement Guide

A brief guide to make the “Shut up and take my money!” achievement a bit easier, and help people understand the mechanics.

How to Obtain Shut Up and Take My Money Achievement

Paying Your Tribute

There are 5 raiders that you have to interact with, each one will ask if you want to pay a resource tribute or fight them. For this achievement you need to pay tribute to each one once in a session/run. Once you pay one person’s tribute you do not have to continue appeasing them and can refuse to pay. It is fairly simple but it is quite difficult to actually get, largely because of the time sink. While directly hunting for the achievement I went to about 200 seasons into a game. But there are a couple things you can do to help your hours not be terrible.

  1. Adjusting your raider difficulty does not adjust their spawn rate. It will simply make their tributes more severe and their assaults far worse. I learned this the hard way after I created a session trying to speed it up, but by 70-100 seasons in I quickly realized that was not the case.
  2. Like all other achievements in this game it is also not bound to difficulty, so adjust your conditions to your comfort, but you must have raiders on. (Duh) Because they will take your resources though it is recommended to reduce your gear wear & tear, have research completed to save those resources and accelerate your resource gathering, and eliminate droughts. Obviously it is best to multitask though so adjust accordingly.
  3. Even with the hard raiders I was able to pay for all of my tributes (even the duplicate ones) without ever building defenses. If you manage your resources well you can avoid fighting all together.
  4. Prepare all of your resources, I had each one requested at some point or another and each tribute will have 4 resources to choose from that you can mix and match.
  5. When it comes to encountering raiders (from what I played) I found that there is no order to what orders the raiders came in, each one will give you roughly 4 seasons in advance before they demand tribute, and you will be alerted at the start of seasons not midway through.
  6. If you do fight your duplicate encounters, remember, smaller maps will decrease their travel time, for better or worse.

I know that this achievement will still be a pain, but hopefully this lessens the burden slightly.

The 5 Raiders

The Nihilist is the best, that is an objective fact.

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