Entropy: Zero 2 – How to Modify Weapon Stats

Guide to Modify Weapon Stats

Welcome to the guide!

Modding weapon stats is really easy in Entropy: Zero 2.

First go to skill.cfg in the files. You can find it in:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\EntropyZero2\entropyzero2\cfg

Make sure you create a backup of skill.cfg. Just copy and paste the original to your desktop in case you mess up.

In the cfg, you will see a bunch of stats. These not only include weapon stats, but enemies as well. Most of them are self explanatory, an example being sk_plr_dmg_ar2. Increasing the value will increase the damage of the ar2 in game.

The command you want to look for is the sk_max lines.

For this I will edit the reserved ammo for all of the weapons.

The MP5K, due to the pulse pistol having regenerating ammo, uses pistol ammo so the command you need to find is sk_max_pistol

  • SMG1 – sk_max_smg1.
  • Shotgun – sk_max_buckshot.
  • RPG – sk_max_rpg_round.
  • SMG1 grenade – sk_max_smg1_grenade
  • Revolver – sk_max_357.
  • Crossbow – sk_max_crossbow.
  • Grenades – sk_max_grenade.
  • Xen grenades – sk_max_hopwire
  • AR2 – sk_max_ar2.
  • AR2 Energy ball – sk_max_ar2_altfire.

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