Epic Battle Fantasy Collection – All Mecha Dress-Up Medals Guide

Out of all the games in the collection, Mecha Dress-up’s medals are probably the hardest to find, and I’m here to help!

Guide to All Mecha Dress-Up Medals


If you’re here, you either can’t remember how the three Mechas look like (Cant blame you, no-one has that good a memory) or are just missing that one medal you can’t figure out how to get.

No matter the motive, I’ve got all you need to know!

In this guide you’ll find all of the medals and the method of obtaining them. You already knew that so, cmon, lets get the shinies!


Before getting into the medals that require building a certain Mech, lets go over the miscellaneous ones. These medals require you to equip a certain item or to press a few buttons.

All of them in this one nifty image here:

A list of all the medals (and some notes):

  • Legendary: Requires equipping The Pig (Hat Slot).
  • Phallic Gun: Requires equipping a Minigun between your Mech’s legs (Needs the second pair of Legs to be equipped).
  • Put Ya Guns on: Requires equipping The Three Sets of Rocket Launchers on your Mech’s back. (Back Slot, click The First Set of Rocket Launchers two times for the rest to appear)
  • Recycle: Requires equipping The Cardboard Box with the Recycle drawing (Tap on the drawing on the box to change it).
  • To Smithereens: Blow up your Mech (Use the funny “NUKE” button!).
  • Armed To The Teeth: Requires equipping The Shark (Shoulder Slot).
  • Nuclear Fallout: Requires equipping the Nuclear Fallout background (Change the background by using the buttons on the side of the screen).

Mecha 1

Mecha 1 – From Brawl Royale

Note: Kept dying to this guy when i was younger. Still do, but less now!

Mecha 2

Mecha 2 – From Epic Battle Fantasy

Note: Never played the first two games before but if you’re reading this, I’m probably at it!

Mecha 3

Mecha 3 – From Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Note: Probably my favorite out of the three, Matt really knocked it out the park with this- actually- with all the designs!

That’s everything you need to get that first shiny star on The Title Screen.

Have fun, fellow completionist!

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