Epigenesis – Complete Achievements Walkthrough

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100% Walkthrough Guide


  • Score three goals in one match.

Scoring three goals in a single multiplayer match is difficult, but you can create a singleplayer match without bots and score many hattricks.


  • Use every pickup in one life.

Every map has pickups, each with a unique color, which can be used as an advantage over the enemy team. If a player walk under a pickup, they will be granted that pickup, which can be used with the default key E. The pickup is respawned after some time. There are just 3 pickups and you need to take at least one of each in one life for this achievement. The pickups are:

  • Shockwave (Red): push all players and the ball away from you (considering the ball is not in your hand).
  • Grapple (Green): it will make a long string of green energy, which will push you to the location you used it on.
  • Dash (Yellow): will push you to where you had your crosshair when pressing E.

Use the singleplayer match strategy without bots to easily get it.

Splash Damage

  • Hit 3 players with one shot from the projectile based weapon.

Use the P.O.F.F (Push O-tronic Force Field), also known as just the gun that shoots the ball thingy. Pressing default key Q will switch between two fire modes: P.O.F.F and Railgun. With a single shot, hit 3 players with the P.O.F.F..


  • Make 10 consecutive hits with the railgun.

Instead of the first weapon type from Splash Damage achievement, here you will need the second, the railgun. Switch type by pressing default key Q. Ask to a friend to stand still and shoot him 10 times without missing or try the bot method where when you press ‘F1’ to start the ready countdown, you will have approximately 10 seconds in an sort of electric cage, with your bot teammates. The bot will start running and you may miss two shots, but the bot will stop and you can hit all the 10 consecutive hits easily.


  • Stay airborne for 15 seconds.

Go to the map called GRANARENA. On the center where the ball is there are 4 platforms. Choose witch one you want to jump on. Go to the platform and jump. Hit F1 to start the game and after you are released into the air try to jump back on the same platform. Repeat this 4-5 times before the cage disappears and you should get the achievement.

Iron Defence

  • Grab the ball with a melee hit while the enemy is on your goal platform.

Use your melee button (default RMB) when an enemy with the ball is on the field where the goal is located and grab the ball.


  • Score a goal from a long distance.

Take a Dash pickup and go to a platform near your goal. Use all your normal jumps forward, use the Dash and throw from a high angle to try to score this long goal. If successful, there will be goal scored message.

Not a beginner, not a pro

  • Win 10 games!

If you want to get this achievement effortlessly, create a singleplayer match without bots. Press F1 to start the match and wait the 15 seconds countdown. Get the ball, score just a goal and wait 10 minutes from the match to runs out.

Desecrate Argos Homelands

  • Win as Omani 10 times on Argos Arena.

This game has two team sides, Omani and Argos. Select ARGOSARENA and win 10 times as Omani in this map. Use the strategy from Not a beginner, not a pro from the section guide to win matches easily.

Desecrate Omani Homelands

  • Win as Argos 10 times on Omani Arena.

This game has two team sides, Omani and Argos. Select OMANIARENA and win 10 times as Argos in this map. Use the strategy from Not a beginner, not a pro from the section guide to win matches easily.

Promode, activated!

  • Win 500 games!

Use the strategy from Not a beginner, not a pro from the section guide to reach this amount of victories easily.

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