Escape Game Fort Boyard – 100% Full Achievement Guide

In this guide, i will teach you how to unlock every achievement in this game.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Starting the Game

Before anything, if you have a monitor with 144Hz you will have trouble with some games, making it impossible to beat. Since you can’t cap the fps in the game, your best option is right click on desktop>display settings>advance display settings and change it to 60hz.


Now we can start by playing training, beat all the games on hard difficulty. Dlc’s games are not required (the ones marked with the ‘new’ label). For the crossbow game make sure you win and not draw!


  • Complete all the challenges.

Grand Champion

  • Complete all the challenges on hard mode.

Adventure Mode

Now that you are familiar with all the games its time to start the adventure mode. Start with the heroic difficulty with short duration, don’t worry about losing some games. Once you reach the ending game you will need to reach at least 5000 boyard coins.

The time you get in this game is based in your wins and before start collecting these coins you must solve a riddle. If you have a clue, feel free to take a screenshot and pause the game, if you don’t i recommend to select the option “forfeit time to get a clue”. Again take a screenshot and think before select a word. The word must be related to the clue/clues.

Once you start collecting coins, make sure to manage the time well, its not necessary to grab coins until you cant hold anymore, look out to not hit with your teammates as this make you lose coins.

If you did good, you will have easily the 5000 boyard coins.


  • Complete adventure mode and collect at least 5,000 Boyards.

Hero of the Fort

  • Complete heroic adventure mode and collect at least 5,000 Boyards.

Adventure Mode 2nd Run

If you beat the first run without losing any mini-game, you surpassed my expectations and unlocked the grand adventurer achievement. If you not, of course the best way its to start a new game on easy mode. Also if you didn’t get the achievement for collecting more than 15,000 boyards, i want you the extend the duration of this game, go long to make sure.

Grand Adventurer

  • Complete adventure mode without failing a single challenge.

Epic Victory!

  • Collect more than 15,000 Boyards in the treasure room.

Secret Achievements and Leftovers

It is possible that you unlocked some of this achievements during your playthrough.

On the wire

  • Complete a challenge with just one second left.

I used “Grand Boyard Hotel” for this one, but feel free to use any other game you feel more like it. Also i did it on heroic difficulty to make the wait shorter. In this game, i waited with the last suitcase right in front of the elevator until the very last second to enter. When the game is about to end, you will hear a clock ticking, enter when you are about to hear the 10th tick tock

Hey! Alfred!

  • Bring 50 suitcases into the elevator.

Just go to training and repeat the game “Grand Boyard Hotel”. I recommend heroic difficulty as you have 6 suitcases to deliver

William Tell

  • Throw 5 darts into the center of the target.

Go to training and select the game “Crossbow”. Difficulty doesn’t matter, the speed its all the same. You must get 5 bullseye in total across all the games and this can be a little tricky. I noticed that most of the times you have a chance right at the start of the game.

Make it count!

  • Get 500 “perfect” scores in the laundromat.

Go to training and select the game “Laundromat”, again i recommend heroic difficulty because there are more notes to play. Repeat until you get it.

Time master

  • Stop the timer less than one tenth of a second before the target time.

You either are a time master and can do this on your own or use a cronometer in your phone like me. Just go to “counter” game in training and select easy to get less timer time


Congrats! now you got the 100% and can rest in peace.

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