EVE Vanguard – Ultimate Beginners Guide

Getting Started Guide

Gameplay Basics

Characters in Vanguard have shields and health. Your shields will come back over time when you’re not getting hit. To heal, use the Biomass Heal ability (button ‘3’). It uses biomass to heal you 25 health for 25 Biomass.

You get Biomass by killing other characters and NPCs.

If your character dies, you can respawn (Reclone) if your squad has enough clones. To get more clones, put 50 Biomass in a Clone Bank. This gives your whole squad more clones to use.

Bank Terminals let you store Credits and Weapon Mods. If you die, you won’t lose the Credits you banked.

The map shows important places like terminals, clone banks, and loot sites. You need to finish objectives to move through the map phases and complete the run. Use a Signal Beacon to get your clone off the planet when you’re done.

Map Keys:

  • Full map: M
  • Quick map: Tab

The assault rifle is the main weapon for now. More weapons are coming later.

Weapon Keys:

  • Shoot: Left mouse
  • Aim down sights: Right mouse
  • Assault Rifle: 1
  • Mining Laser: 2
  • Heal: 3
  • Flashlight: 4
  • Interact: E
  • Reload: R
  • Melee: V
  • Change Weapon Loadout: Q
  • Change Ammo: B

Weapons use different ammo types: Kinetic, Energy, (Caustic Rounds aren’t in the game yet). Some types work better on certain enemies. You have to Craft your own ammo.

You can also craft and use deployables for bonuses or utility:

  • Deployable Shield: Makes a 360-degree barrier.
  • Signal Beacon: Lets you extract from the planet (takes 15s to activate).
  • Motion Sensor: Scans for enemies nearby.
  • Proximity Mine: Blows up when enemies get close.
  • Relay Unit: Collects and sends data when put on certain objectives.
  • Sentry Turret: Coming soon.
  • Missile Barrage: Coming soon.

To use a deployable, press F to open the menu and pick one. Then left-click where you want to put it.

How to Change Key Bindings:

  1. Go to settings menu.
  2. Go to ‘game’ tab.
  3. In the ‘key bindings’ section click on the binding you wish to change.
  4. You will then be prompted to select the new key you want to bind action to.

Adaptive Weaponry

In EVE, you can change your weapons to fit what you need for missions or how you like to play. During missions, you’ll get Weapon Modification chips. There are two types of chips: Optics and Chipset. There are also four power levels: Tier 0 (White), Tier I (Blue), Tier II (Green), and Tier III (Purple). Higher tiers are better.

Optics change how your weapon aims when you look down the sights. The other mods change things like how fast the weapon shoots, if it shoots in bursts, and how much damage it does.

You can only add mods to weapons when you’re not on a mission. You do this in the Lobby by clicking “Customize Loadout”. You can save two different loadouts for each weapon and switch between them during missions by pressing ‘Q’.

If you die, the mods on your weapon stay active when you respawn. But if you picked up any mods during the mission and didn’t save them, you’ll drop them when you die.

If you don’t use a Signal Beacon before the mission ends, you’ll lose any items, credits, and mods you got during the mission. If you die, you lose all the mods on your weapon. You or another player can pick them up. The only way to keep them is to use a Signal Beacon before the mission ends.

Secured Salvage Sites

You can find Secured Salvage Sites on planets. They have secrets and treasures that people have hidden away. Sometimes you’ll find one while on a mission.

Here’s how to open it and get the loot:

  • Find a Power Source near the Secured Salvage Site and turn it on. This will power up the site.
  • The site has four Locks that will light up when it’s powered.
  • Use your Mining Laser to cut through the Locks. This lets you access the Panel.
  • Be careful! Trying to use the Panel will make enemies come to the area. Get ready to fight to protect your loot.
  • The Panel has four Switches. Unlock all of them to open the Secured Salvage Site.
  • Work fast! The Switches will turn off if you wait too long. Make sure all of them are green as quickly as you can.
  • Once the site is open, the enemies will stop coming and you can take the loot inside.

Mining Tethers

Mining Tethers is a mission you can find while deployed. During a mission, you might get an alert about an open mining contract.

Here’s what to do:

  • Take over the area and make it safe.
  • When you have full control, put down four anchors. This will make the Drill start working.
  • Keep the Drill balanced while it’s running. This keeps it working at its best. Check the anchors when you need to and adjust them to keep the Drill straight.
  • You can see how the mining is going by looking at the panel on the Drill.
  • When the mining is done, the Drill will fly away with what it collected. You’ll get Credits and Weapon Mods as a reward.

Escape Pods Cracking

If you find an Escape Pod while on a mission, you can get good rewards by figuring out who’s inside.

Here’s how:

  • When you find an Escape Pod, pull out your Mining Laser. You’ll need it to remove the panel on the pod. The panel is held on by 4 screws.
  • After you get the panel off, press ‘E’ to put the decoder on the Escape Pod.
  • Escape Pods have a 4-digit code to open them. Your decoder will crack the code one number at a time, every 10 seconds. The numbers will show up on your HUD from left to right.
  • When the decoder has all 4 numbers, go to the Escape Pod and use the numpad to enter the code.
  • Each time you identify an Escape Pod, you’ll get some random Weapon Mods and 20,000 Credits.


Even though Vanguard’s world is dangerous, it also has a lot of resources. Make sure to gather them so you can craft what you need later.

Press Z to open the crafting menu.

The Crafting Queue lets you set up to 6 crafting tasks to do one after the other. If you don’t have enough resources for the next item, the queue will pause.

You can see your resources at the bottom of the crafting window or in your inventory. Energy Cells come back over time, but you can also find them.

Some items can be dropped or traded from the inventory menu (I).


Found in containers, from mining, or by recycling items. Different items need different resources to craft.

  • Electronic Parts
  • Energy Cells
  • Inert Alloy
  • Interface Components
  • Nanites
  • Reactive Alloy
  • Scalar Microcapacitor
  • Schematic Cryschip

Ammo Types:


  • Kinetic Rounds (Nanites) x30: 25 Nanites + 5 Energy Cells
  • Kinetic Rounds (Inert Alloy) x30: 15 Inert Alloy + 5 Energy Cells


  • Energy Rounds x30: 10 Inert Alloy + 2 Reactive Alloy + 25 Energy Cells


  • Deployable Shield: 30 Nanites + 50 Energy Cells
  • Signal Beacon: 50 Nanites + 100 Energy Cells
  • Motion Scanner: 25 Nanites + 50 Energy Cells
  • Proximity Mines: 2 Inert Alloys + 20 Nanites + 30 Energy Cells

Contract Utilities:

  • Relay Unit: 20 Nanites + 50 Energy Cells + Electronic Part
  • Broadcast Node: 50 Energy Cells + 8 Electronic Parts + 1 Interface Component
  • Decryptor Key: 30 Nanaites + 30 Energy Cells + 1 Interface Component
  • Interface Component: 35 Energy Cells + 3 Electronic Parts


  • Electronic Parts to Nanites: 25 Energy Cells + 1 Electronic Part
  • Interface Components to Nanites: 25 Energy Cells + Interface Component
  • Schematic Cryschip to Inert Alloy: 25 Energy Cells + 1 Schematic Cryschip
  • Scalar Microcapacitor to Reactive Alloy: 25 Energy Cells + 1 Scalar Microcapacitor


Mining is the only way to get some resources and objectives. Press 2 to equip the miner.

Use the miner on minable nodes.

Point at the yellow nodes and left-click to turn on the mining laser.

When the mining cycle is done, you can loot the rocks.

You can also find Intact Ship Tech bolted to walls.

Use the mining laser on each bolt to remove them.

After all 4 bolts are gone, you can loot the container.


Missions are how you earn rewards and generate Corruption or Suppression. Press G to open the Mission Log.

Use the buttons 1, 2, 3, and 4 to look through the different missions and see their details.

For example:

  • Restitution: Get 20 Schematic Cryschips and bring them to a Field Depository.
  • Cessation: Turn on 5 Power Junctions, then install a Broadcast Node.

When you decide which mission to do, press F to accept it. Press H to activate a tracker that shows your progress in the top left of the screen.


The game has 4 stages, but you might join in the middle of a match. Watch the Stage alerts at the bottom of the screen to see what stage you’re in.

  • Stage 2: Turret Sites get repaired.
  • Stage 3: Turret Sites get repaired and Loot Sites refill.
  • Stage 4: Clone Sever Imminent – Exfil Advised. This means you should extract soon.

You can extract anytime if you have a Signal Beacon. But in Stage 4, you only have 5 minutes before your Clone dies no matter what.

When you extract, you’ll see a Deployment Summary with your stats, kills, and clones used. You’ll also get an Income report showing what items you extracted and what missions you did. Finally, it will show how much Corruption and/or Suppression you generated.

Objective Types

Contracts within vanguard will often require you to interact with inworld items. here’s a quick look at how some of those items look to help you identify them within the world.

Field Depository


Salvage Target

Surveillance Unit

This will shoot you…

Network Port

Power Junction

Mainframe Terminal

Neural Mappings

Data Bank

That concludes the guide, hope you found it helpful!

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