Evil Dead: The Game – Survivors and Demons Guide

Survivors and Demons Overview


Survivors are famously known characters from the Evil Dead universe. This role has four classes: Leader, Warrior, Hunter, and Support.


Leaders have specific auras that improve their stats and the stats of nearby Survivors. They’re also more resistant to fear.

  • Ash Williams (Ash vs. Evil Dead) (Mission 1 reward).
  • Anny Knowby.
  • Lord Arthur (Mission 5 reward).


Warriors have more health and inflict more melee damage.

  • Ash Williams (Army of Darkness).
  • Scotty.
  • Henry the Red.
  • Mia Allen.


Hunters inflict more ranged weapon damage, carry more ammo, and consume slower stamina.

  • Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2).
  • Ed Getley.
  • Kelly Maxwell.
  • Amanda Fisher (Mission 3 reward).


Support class Survivors start with a Shemp’s Cola and an amulet and can carry more Shemp’s or amulets. If Shemp’s or amulets are used, Survivors in your aura also gain positive effects.

  • Ash Williams (Evil Dead).
  • Cheryl Williams.
  • Pablo Simon Bolivar (Mission 4 reward).
  • David Allen.
  • Blacksmith.


Four types of Demons are available in the Evil Dead: The Game: Warlord, Puppeteer, Necromancer, and Plaguebringer. Both Survivors and Demons have their progression with unique skill trees. To read more about it, please read the Progression article.


The Warlord demon buffs the evil units around it, increasing the damage they deal and reducing the damage they receive.


The Puppeteer demon is a master of possession, able to control the minds of both human and evil hosts and enhance their threat to the Survivors.


The Necromancer demon can summon the skeleton flutist, which cannot defend itself or move, but increases the damage dealt and reduces the damage received by all evil units who hear its music.


The Plague Bringer demon is a unique class in Evil Dead: The Game. The Witch and her army debuff their enemies with a new Blight mechanic. Her special is the Wicked Brew, which allows you to place a large Cauldron on the ground.

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