EvoMon – Expedition Fusion Items Explained

In this guide i will show you the possible expedition fusion items results.

Expedition Fusion Loot Table

Expeditions Fusion Items & Fusion Results

These evomons are uniquely obtainable by using these items.

You won’t be able to find on Mistery Evoeggs or through fusions without items.

You have to fuse two Evomons and insert the fusion item in the Evolab to receive their egg.

After that you’ll be able to create them using their registered dna in the revive option.

Complete Evostatue Secret Evomon

You’re only able to use this fusion item to fuse evomon #8 and #7, which are the evomons that you can get from the individual statues (golden and silver evostatues).

Train or froze those two evomons and use this item in the combination to receive an unregistered secret evomon.

You will also receive a special achievement for doing this.

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