Exo One – Maximum Energy Achievement Guide

A guide to accomplish the achievement: Maximum Energy.

How to Obtain Maximum Energy Achievement


This achievement can ONLY be completed in Linear Playing mode! You can’t get this achievement in level selection playing mode.


Sagan IV

You can see clearly a vertical white light far away. Reach there and the energy is inside the hole.


After being blown up by the wind not far after the beginning, the text appears indicating that you’re reaching the energy power-up. Slightly use gravity and gliding to reach the energy power-up.

Quirinus II

It can be seen far away when the level starts, but it’s high above on a cube. When reaching the booster, try getting your craft shot out of the booster with the angle to the ground as larger as possible to greatly increase the altitude. Then slightly adjust your position to reach it.


It’s a little high above the sea surface between two rocks. Before your craft reaches there, there are two powerless boosters (at least I don’t find them very powerful) at the left and right sides of this energy power-up. Use either of them and keep gliding to get close to it.

Nautica (Part II)

Quite high above a rock. You need to gain enough speed when getting close to the rock and getting out of water, so that the craft can reach enough height to get close to that energy power-up.


There are TWO energy power-ups in this level, one of them is quite tricky.

  1. First, as the normal game process goes, reach the pool with two boards, one above and another not far away.
  2. As you pass through the two floating boards above your craft, the text appears. Find the slope beside and climb up until you see a light in the middle of two floating boards, then reach it. This is the one.
  3. Drop down and reach the other not far away. This can be more easily seen, and is the two.


There is one on the asteroid behind the one where your craft first lands (it can be seen on the intro cutscene of this level). By using gravity slingshot effect, fly your craft to those said asteroid, then you can find that energy power-up.

Sojournus XXIII

No energy power-up.

Darwin III

Go through the holes on the middle line, then you can easily see it.

Obias III

Climb up the mountain before the booster to reach it.


It’s very high above the purple clouds and hard to reach. Go through at least two purple particle clouds then hold SPACE while your craft is flying almost vertically around where energy power-up locates, then release SPACE. The gained energy from purple particle clouds will get your craft speed up to a extremely tremendous degree and sharply increase your altitude enough to reach the energy power-up very high above.

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