Expeditions: Rome – How to Get Resources for Outpost Upgrades (Tips)

Here you can find some useful tips to get resources for outpost upgrades.

Guide to Get Resources for Outpost Upgrades

When you talk to your camp prefect (left hand side, south of the command tent) you should see how many resources you have control of and can pick which upgrades to make.

There’s a tutorial “quest” that triggers it, but it comes quite early.

You need to pacify a region first buy talking to guy next to your tent in camp then you send the legion to capture the resource locations.

If you not conquered the resources

If you hover over a resource in a region you have captured, it may say “neutral”. If so, then click on it and dispatch your legion to conquer it. You may also need some other resources, like you need 25 slaves to conquer an iron mine.

Also note that resource locations do not generate resources — they are resources — so if you use them to build an upgrade they are not usable for another upgrade — you have to capture another.


  • In Act 2 you will get a “colonial” legion”.
  • In Act 1 you only control one legion.
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