F.I.S.H. – How to Unlock the Fishing Minigame

The fishing minigame for F.I.S.H. is carefully tucked away. if you’re wondering how to unlock the fishing content implied by the title, this guide is for you.

Guide to Unlock the Fishing Minigame

Chapter One: Peeling Back the First Layer

All of these steps involve clicking on specific words. Throughout the guide, we will refer to these words as “key-words”. Remember them well, they are very, very, very important.

The game presents you immediately with the first part of the puzzle. You are greeted by the infamous “disclaimer” screen. There are many words here, but only clicking on the key-words “i” or “understand” will reveal the secrets underneath…

A nightmare…

After doing this, all hell breaks loose… Tons of logos, text, and images appearing, disappearing, and flying all over the place!! Luckily, there are no key-words here, and you can simply let the hurricane of imagery pass by until the second layer reveals itself.

Chapter Two: A Fork In the Road

The second layer is much less forgiving. Instead of most words doing nothing, only the “f.i.s.h.” Logo will have no effect on the game.

Clicking “options”, “streamers”, or “for” will cause a large enemy rectangle to block off your vision. In the case of “for” or “streamers”, most of the text does nothing except for “back”, which removes the rectangle. “Options” presents you with a larger rectangle, with a variety of words and boxes on it.

Many of these words appear to do nothing, but some will have strange effects on the game window upon clicking “apply”.

I recommend staying away from this mysterious word (“apply”.). I do not consider this a key-word, as all of the various things it does are not useful. The entire rectangle brought up by “options” seems to be a board of red herrings! The enemy rectangle is trying to distract you from the actual path ahead. Therefore, “streamers”, “options”, and “for” are not key-words. In the case of either of these annoying rectangles attempting to halt your quest, hit the weak-point (the word “back”) to instantly defeat the foul beasts.

Now, you may recognize the word “quit” as similar to the word “back”. But be very careful. It is a trap! Clicking on this disgusting word will remove all of your progress so far!!, Stay as far away from it as possible. The only true key-word on this layer is “play”, which will peel back the right side of the screen, revealing three more buttons.

The “delete” button is a red herring and I recommend avoiding it. If you choose to click on one of the three “file”s, you will be unable to differentiate between them if you wish to save your progress on the fishing minigame. Therefore, it is not recommended to use that method. The key-words are “1”, “2”, and “3”. You may start by clicking any of these, but remember to note which one you have clicked, as if you click on any other one upon entering the minigame after the first time, your progress will be erased!

Fortunately, things get easier from here on out. Though the main story of this game is complicated and unforgiving, it is required to unlock the fishing content you bought this game for!

Chapter Three: the Pier

A short video will introduce you to this gamemode if it is your first time unlocking it. After it passes, you will be greeted with this menu.

Don’t get excited! Please, be careful, and do not act until you read ahead!

Your old friend, the “back” text, has returned! But do not trust him. He will send you back to the hellish second layer of the puzzle. Avoid him at all costs.

Now, you can fish with a stop sign like I do! Only, virtually instead of in real life. There are fifteen different locations where you can fish, represented by fifteen different symbols. These are the key-words-… Er, key-symbols for this level. Initially you will only have “1”, but if you fish well enough, you will unlock “2”, then you will unlock “3”, then you will unlock “4”, then you will unlock “5”, then you will unlock “6”, then you will unlock “7”, then you will unlock “8”, then you will unlock “9”, then you will unlock “10”, then you will unlock “11”, then you will unlock “12”, then you will unlock “13”, then you will unlock “14”, then you will finally unlock “15”. You must click on the symbol, and then the key-word “play” to finally begin fishing. “Back” will kick you backwards yet again. Though not as drastic as the other instance of him, I still recommend avoiding him.

After this “15”, there is no more fishing. Not without entering… Contaminated areas. It’s probably been made il for a reason. Be careful out there. Things may get rough.

Happy fishing, everybody! Hope this helped, and if you were too smart to need this guide, give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it. Can’t find anything about spaghetti night, though, so I may yet refund this game. I can just fish with a stop sign in real life, after all.

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