F1 22 – How to Fix Loading Up Game Crash

Guide to Fix Loading Up Game Crash


Maybe two things that could help, if you haven’t tried it yet.

  1. Have you started the game under VR, even if no VR setup is connected, does that make a difference to you when you start the game?
  2. If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, you can try the following.

Under Windows, the NVIDIA control panel is usually installed.

Under the menu item “3D Settings” and the sub-item “Manage 3D Settings”, you can select the tab “Program Settings” in the window and select “F1 22” as the program. In the settings for the programme there is the menu item “Antialiasing mode”. This is usually set to “Global settings (application-controlled)”. To test whether the game does not come back with the AA, you can set this programme setting to “off”, “Apply” the settings and give the game “F1 22” a chance.


With the graphics settings, it also happens that the game hangs. After that, F1 22 didn’t work either at first. As I said, it helped to delete the hardware settings folder and then the default settings were back in the game.

Under Windows, access the folder “Documents” and then subfolder “My Games”, further subfolder “F1 22” (example path: C:\Users\Test\Documents\My Games\F1 22) there is the folder “hardwaresettings”. Deleting this folder helped, so I can start the game with the steering wheel connected and play stably.

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