Fabled Lands – Speedy Iron Adventurer Achievement Guide

How to get Iron Adventurer achievement in less than 2 hours.

How to Obtain Iron Adventurer Achievement Fast

All credit goes to Dom!


This guide is for anyone who is just trying to get the Iron Adventurer achievement quickly. Following a 100% completion guide would be rather ineffective if you are just trying to get this one achievement.

Optional: FAQ

Why pick Troubadour?

  • Troubadours are the best early game fighters (shadow clones + crossbow).
  • Troubadours start out with 22 ability points.
  • Troubadours get +1 on the Ice Queen charisma check.

Note: Warriors start with 20 points, Mages with 19, Priests with 21, Rogues, Wayfarers and Troubadours with 22 ability points. There is a strong argument to be made, that mages are the weakest class.

Is this the fastest way to get “Iron Adventurer”?

  • No. This guide values safety over speed. In an actual “speedrun” you would take risks to save time. I think getting it (glitchless) in less than 30mins is possible. Maybe I will try one day.

So this guide gurantees the achievement?

  • Yes, as of version 1.0.13 anyway. Unless you missclick, you will not fail. Still, you should probably have a resurrection deal active. Mistakes can happen and shards are plentiful.

Note: There is a 0.7% chance that you have to start over, if you get really, really unlucky at the start of the run.

How long will this take exactly?

  • This depends on you. The run does all of Sokara. If you know that area well, then about 90 minutes. If you know the game very well and have a second monitor, it can easily be done in about 60 minutes.

Iron Adventurer can not be done in 1hr!

If you want to see an example of a run, you can watch it on my youtube channel. I finished in a little over 1hr, while pausing for commentary.

Note: I also did it without taking a single point of damage in the entire run. However, you need a little bit of luck for that.

Chapter 1: Top Gear

  • Skip the intro, Obsidian Stones, teleport to Wishport.
  • East Road, Metricians, Clifftop.
  • Investigate, right door, take everything.
  • Hinterlands, reroll until you get the piper event.
  • Back to Clifftop, beach, low tide, seek the piper, shell (+1 Charisma).
  • Metriciens, passage to Ringhorn, explore, upriver twice to Delpton.
  • South to River Road, reroll until eerie light, get quest.
  • Back to Delpton, explore and go west.
  • First event in eastern Old Harkuna does not matter.
  • High Kings Seat, visit and learn song.
  • Reroll western Old Harkuna until “A flying visit” (+2000 shards).

Note: If you get the mercs, run away and hide in a barrel. This will give you blue skin, which later saves you some shards. However, it is not required.

  • Now reroll eastern Old Harkuna until you get the market.
  • Sell everything (including starting gear) and buy 12 Faery Mead.

Note: It doesn’t matter if your hair is turned golden or not.

  • Troll Bridge (pay 5 shards), Hall of Heroes, Farmlands, Aku, passage to Metriciens.
  • East Road, Haggart’s Corner.
  • Explore, trading with the Trau, Standing Stones.
  • If unlucky, reroll via northern East Road until you get the Seven Fools twice. After that, use the southern East Road.

Important: The second time rewards a Fourleaf Clover, that you should not pick up. Do not chance a third encounter, since you cannot pick up the potion right now.

  • Once you get the Trau, sell all mead, buy Vulcanium Mail, Enchanted Crossbow, 4 Selenium Wands and a Were-boar tusk.
  • Leave and pay the 1 Mithral fee.
  • At the Haggart’s Corner market, buy a Lantern, and 20 Bolts. Equip all the gear you can.
  • Reroll the northern East Road until you get the third Seven Fools event. Take the Large Potion of Comeliness.
  • Whistling Heath “west, south, east”. Take Key of Stars.
  • Troilus Inn, buy drinks for information.
  • Whistling Heath “north, north, north”, Monastery of Molhern. Talk to abbot about eye patch.

Note: Failing the charisma check does not matter, just reroll.

  • Goldfall, Temple and buy a Blessing of Luck.
  • Rainbow River, Waterfall, stay, treasure, left, copper, input “magical”, shield, equip it.
  • Forsaken Forest. Important: Don’t stay at the hamlet, as it might reduce your combat rating!
  • Press on, along the path, you know, continue, right, west.
  • Use key, fight wolves.

The basic idea is that you use your first two turns to summon clones slightly behind yourself. These clones stand still and shoot the closest target with their crossbows. It is ideal for enemies to target you and not your clones.

Using this, you will be able to do 12 to 21 damage per round. This is insane! Most of the time all enemies are dead before they can even roll an attack. Further, the clones don’t even deplete your bolts.

  • Pick up the helmet and equip it.
  • Select “gather some treasure”, but don’t grab any shards.
  • If you get 11+ on the next roll, use your blessing. If you get unlucky again and your stamina is reduced, then you should probably start over.

Note: The chance for this is around 0.69%, so it shouldn’t happen.

  • You will get +1 Thievery.

Note: You can discard the Key of Stars now, unless you are looking for the achievement “Twinkle, Twinkle, Key of Stars”. In which case you should give it to the guy in the tomb and discard the Green Amulet after.

  • Go south to leave the woods.
  • Reenter the Forest, stay over night at the hamlet. (+1 Sanctity).

Note: You might get Leprosy, but it doesn’t matter now.

  • Rainbow River, Goldfall, Tekshin Tavern, Monastery, East Road, Haggart’s Corner, East Road, Metriciens.
  • Passage to Ringhorn, Go west, Thurlings, Halls of Heroes, Farmlands, Aku.
  • Sell the four Selenium Wands and any melee weapons or armor (not the Vulcanium!).
  • Buy Celestium Wand, Centaur Flute, Gloves of Sig, Gold Holy Symbol, Sextant, Climbing Gear, Wolf Pelt and Rope. Equip everything.

Chapter 2: Clearing Sokara

  • In Aku, buy a Potion of Strength, a Potion of Intellect and 4 Potions of Stealth.
  • Passage to Metriciens and to Marlock City.
  • Tavern, get quest.
  • Temples, House of Priests, get quest.
  • Temples, Sig, become initiate, get quest from High Priest.
  • Explore, Entertainers, go over, pay, leave, wait and follow, chase off, help him up.
  • Passage to Yellowport.
  • If you got Leprosy, cleanse it at Temple of Maka.
  • Market, buy the passive skill “Archery” and learn it.
  • Tavern, get quest.
  • Provost Marshall, get quest.
  • Passage to Isle of Druids. Shrine of Lacuna. Talk to priestess twice. (+1 Scouting)
  • Forest, scouting, persuade, accept the quest of the High Druid.

Note: It doesn’t matter if you fail the scouting check, you take 2 damage, but you can redo it right away.

  • Obsidian Stones, teleport to Yellowport, Venefax, Scorpion Bight, Fight.

Note: It doesn’t matter if you get poisoned, you will still pass both checks.

  • Yellowport, if poisoned, cleanse it at Temple of Maka, Tavern, turn in book, pick (+1 Combat).
  • Drink Potion of Strength, Shadar Tor, accept quest.
  • Trefoille, Road Tavern, Forest of Larun, get quest item.

Note: If you fail scouting check, just try again.

  • Devil’s Peak, thievery roll, 17% chance to fight, but it is very easy.
  • Forest, Bronze Hills, Castle, kill Black Dragon Knight.
  • Bronze Hills, Caran Baru, Tavern, Yanryt finish quest (+1 Combat).
  • Drink Potion of Intellect and Potion of Thievery, Temples, Tyrnai, steal.

Note: The last thievery check doesn’t matter. If you fail, you just take 5 damage. You probably also got cursed. This doesn’t matter.

  • Coldbleak, Blessed Springs, explore, Holy Water, pay, throw dust, pick (+1 Scouting), accept the quest, leave.
  • Eastern Road, Lake of the Sea Dragon, market, buy Silver Nugget, explore, rent boat, give nugget, grab tail, pick up chest, other rewards don’t really matter.
  • Leave, Stinking River, leave, Road Tavern, Trefoille, Oliphard, turn in (+1 Magic).
  • Marlock City, Temples, House of Priests, turn in (+1 Sanctity), Temples, Sig, High Priest, turn in (+1 Thievery).
  • Passage to Yellowport, Eastern Road, Blessed Springs, Coldbleak.
  • Drink a Potion of Stealth, talk, Nergan, convince, assassinate, Thievery, Thievery to flee.
  • Blessed Springs, Eastern Road, Venefax, Yellowport.
  • Sell random rewards, discard amulet, Marshall, turn in, learn Combat Dodge.
  • Explore, night, wealthy area, accept her offer, search the ground floor, use Potion of Stealth (Verdigris Key), go upstairs.
  • Passage to Isle of Druids, Forest, Scout, turn in (+1 Scouting).
  • Obsidian Stones, Marlock City, palace, accept quest.
  • Trefoil, Verdigris Key, third door, up the mountain, tavern and get info.
  • Leave and pay for teleport.
  • At Yarimura, explore, Tower of Bakhan, cleanse curse if you got it.
  • Use Potion of Stealth, explore, thieves kitchen, streets, brotherhood, accept quest.
  • Palace, leave necklace alone, explore, thieves kitchen, streets, brotherhood. (+1 Thievery)
  • Gemstone Hills, Beladais Camp, Citadel, enter, talk to commander, go to Sokara.
  • Easter Foothills, climb, complete quest (pick +1 Magic).
  • Northern Road, Caran Baru, explore, man with eyepatch, pay, ambush.
  • Bronze Hill, Forest, venture deeper, try path (pick +1 Thievery).
  • Devils Peak, Crustmoor, Marlock City, Temples, Sig, renounce.
  • Passage to Wishport, East Road, Metriciens, passage to Ringhorn, Go West, Thurlings, Hall of Heroes, Farmlands, Aku.

Chapter 3: Masked Lord/Lady

  • Buy a Potion of Stealth and buy a Potions of Intellect. Use both. Buy another Potion of Intellect and a Potion of Nature.
  • Explore, Slums, Slumlord, Nightstalker, accpet quest.
  • A second time: Explore, Slums, Slumlord, Nightstalker, accept quest.
  • Palace, pick Uttakin Telescope and equip it. (Other treasure doesn’t matter.)
  • Explore, Slums, Slumlord, Black market. Buy Selenium Ore. If you did not get Blue Skin before also buy Scroll of Ebron.
  • Temple, Hall of Ablution, pay, (lord event doesn’t matter), become initiate.
  • Palace, pay (and pay some more if you didn’t get Blue Skin).
  • Use Potion of Intellect, Conjurer of Amusements, lose 1 maximum stamina (+1 Magic).
  • Master of Documents, accept, help, quest for the egg (outcome does not matter), return to writing, return to archives, deadline, pick (+1 Charisma).
  • Blender of Spices, accept quest, Convener of Chariots, accept quest.
  • Leave Aku, reroll Farmlands until you get Wizard Workshop.
  • Give Selenium, counter spell, pick amulet of Ebron and Vade Mecum (rest doesn’t matter).
  • Back to Aku.
  • Vade Mecum to Ringhorn. Buy House, stash Vulcanium Mail.
  • Explore, upriver, Castle Ravayne, convince, state business, audience, quest, spying, accept, audience, quest, spying, turn in (+1 Thievery).
  • Audience again keep asking for boons until you get training (+1 Scouting).

Note: If you fail the check just keep entering the inner keep and try again.

  • Leave downriver to Ringhorn, pick up and equip Vulcanium Mail.
  • Leave upriver to Delpton, leave, reroll southern River Road until eerie light, turn in (+1 Sanctity).
  • Delpton, explore, upriver, Marmorek, explore, pay to cross, continue in Old Harkuna.
  • Spatterdash, visit, graveyard, quest, enter, sanctity roll. If you fail leave and try again.
  • Leave. High Kings Seat, Troll Bridge (pay), Lake, leave, journey on, Icicle Forest.
  • Make sure to get Frost Sprites. You need their information later.
  • Also make sure to get “Something is watching you”. (+1 Sanctity)

Reroll using House of the Unbidden.

  • House, West Countryside, reroll until you get priest, intervene. (+1 Scouting)
  • House, visit Holyamu, use Potion of Nature, do pool quest.
  • West Countryside, West Road, Aku.
  • Turn in Convenor of Chariots (+1 Combat), turn in Blender of Spicer (+1 Scouting).
  • Audience with the King, learn “Brawler”.
  • Temple, get the blessing of Ebron (this is an item), renounce Ebron.

Chapter 4: Getting Rank 10

  • Buy a Potion of Intellect.
  • Vade Mecum to Yarimura, Gemstone Hills, Beladais Camp.
  • Western Foothill, Map the caves, leave to steppes, citadel, enter, talk to commander, take the Potion of Stealth, head to steppes, Beladais Camp.
  • Drink Potion of Intellect and Potion of Stealth, explore, attempt to assassinate, pick whatever reward or leave it behind.
  • North to Steppes, Beladais Camp, Gemstone Hills, Yarimura.
  • Vade Mecum to Yellowport, passage to Marlock City, palace, pick (+1 Charisma).
  • Trefoille, Verdigris Key, third door, go up the mountain, explore arena, reroll until you get in, fire, water (+1 Magic).
  • Buy Banner of the Shadar at the market.
  • Leave, pay for teleport, Vade Mecum to Yellowport, passage to Isle of Druids, Temples, Shrine of Lacuna, become initiate, Obsidian Stones to Wishport, enter The Haunt.
  • Reroll Castle Orlock until you get +1 Rank.

Note: What happens to your magic skill doesn’t matter. There are no more magic checks in this run aside from the Vade Mecum.

  • Metriciens, passage to Ringhorn, Vade Mecum to Yarimura
  • Gemstone Hills, Beladais Camp, Southern Plains, City of Ruins, Banner of the Shadar, Bells, use knowledge, pick up Scepter (other rewards don’t matter).

Note: You can discard the Banner if you want.

  • Go south, ignore, Marmorek, explore, pay to cross, continue in Old Harkuna, High Kings Seat, Troll Bridge (pay), Lake, leave, journey on, Go North.
  • Take tour, dark tunnel, ask, pay, use Large Potion of Comeliness, pick (+1 Sanctity).
  • Go South (possible fight), Northern Grumes (possible fight), Troll Bridge (pay), High Kings Seat, Palace and Palace again (skill doesn’t really matter).
  • Leave, Reese River, pay, explore, downriver all the way to Ringhorn.
  • Vade Mecum to Yellowport, Temples, Maka, get blessing.
  • Passage to Wishport, East Road, Metriciens, Temples, Three Fortunes, get Blessing of Luck, passage to Ringhorn.
  • Vade Mecum to Yarimura, buy 3-4 Potions of Healing.
  • Vodhya, Northern Mountains, Ruby Citadel. Investigate, enter, fight.
  • After the fight: Immediately use Potions of Healing to get back to 19/19.
  • Flute and do the Luck Roll. If you fail use your Blessing of Luck to reroll. If you fail again, there you will take 3d6 or up to 18 damage. You won’t die. Pick (+1 Sanctity).
  • Investigate, Verdigris Key, Metriciens, East Road, Haggart’s Corner, East Road, Monastery, Tekshin Tavern, Goldfall, Rainbow River, Waterfall, Haunted Hills.
  • Use the blessing of Ebron and destroy the dragon with your clone army.
  • Tower of Despair, Marmorek, explore, downriver to Castle Ravayne, Enter, Inner Courtyard, state business, convince, audience, quest, monster, accept, audience, quest, monster.


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