Fabledom – Tips for Optimizing Backyard Space and Decorations in Your Realm

This guide covers the ideal backyard size, how to strategically place decorations for desirability and aesthetics, and additional realm building tips.

Optimizing Backyard Space and Decorations in Your Realm (Building Tips)

Backyard Size Limit

Making backyards larger than 2×2 is just a waste of space and slows down city building progress. Anything bigger than 2×2 has only disadvantages from an economic standpoint and increases difficulty.

Backyard Decorations

While limited to a 2×2 area, you can place decorative objects in backyards to increase home desirability and aesthetics.

Decorating Backyards

  • You can place up to 2 objects from the “Homes” build tab in backyards
  • Additionally, place decorations from other build tabs by:
    • Click the trash can icon next to “Randomize”
    • This allows selecting specific decorations
    • Alternatively, remove existing backyard objects first

Desirability Bonus

  • Only the first 2×2 backyard gives +10 desirability
  • Additional backyard space does not increase this bonus

Maximizing Aesthetics

  • Place additional decorations outside the home’s plot area
  • Decorations outside the home plot count towards realm beauty rating

So while backyards are limited to 2×2, you can still enhance desirability and aesthetics through strategic decoration placement inside the backyard and around the home’s plot.

How to build on the hills

All of the hills have ramps for accessibility, so you can build up there and run a road up the hill to your little hilltop districts.

Your map has a number of territory tiles that you can expand into, but the edge of the map’s buildable area is visible as a tall cloud line.


They’re in decorations, with a descriptor that Fablings will use them to walk on if possible.

Also, your fablings will just walk across rivers if there are no bridges.

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