Factory Town – Market and Store Tips for New Players (How to Supply)

This guide describes in detail how logistics for markets and shops works.

Beginners Tips for Markets and Stores

FT actually makes it somewhat easy to supply markets. For starters you can have multiple markets/stores/schools/etc…

Secondly you can not only deliver to homes within a market radius, but to the TC radius…delivery to a market in the TC circle counts for delivery to all homes inside the TC circle.

So if you have a super city… you may have a market on the north end by the river so my boats can drop off fish. Maybe you have a second market on the east side to pick up beef. Then you could have a school at the south end of town where the paper production is for research. As long as you keep your market building inside the TC super circle you’re fine.

For actual distribution…underground pipes > markets are best. If you can juice something, do it! You can then pipe the juice underground to markets which is an effective way to avoid spaghetti.

If you have a river/ocean, placing markets on shore and then then using rafts/boats/ships for delivery is an effective technique.

So wagons/caravans are the bread and butter technique in the early/mid-game but can create big traffic jams in the late game. If you use wagons/caravans it is imperative to upgrade your roads to stone as their is a huge speed upgrade for doing so.

You can of course use belts, and it’s cool that FT lets you stack them in 3D…but too many belts can create confusing spaghetti.

Rail is much better than belts for avoid congestion and that can be a good way to get goods to market. But carts/trains can hold more than a market can consume so you’ll want an output buffer for rail. Usually this means a rail unload on the track > silo > one-block belt > market. You can create slick rail systems in FT with resource filters (groups/exclusions/chains), logistic filters, signal tags, and compute blocks.

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