Fallen Angel – Useful Tips and Tricks

Some handy tips on the game.

Tips and Tricks


While you are in the attack animation, you can still dodge, the animation will continue but you will not take damage if you time it right, this makes melee combat viable.
Using the Mad King Ring (Item) and Health+Stamina Regen (Skill) goes for the best survivability, more on each section.


Reaching Cradle of Man, go through the path that leads up and defeat the Mad King, he drops the best item in the game, granting health from damage while equipped, you can still heal with the item, just unequip and press E to heal.

You can buy most items from NPCs in the Kingdom Come Hotel, Mary is unlocked by talking to her in the Tree of Knowledge (Middle path) and John is unlocked by talking to him in Raphael party.


They are divided in 4 stages, initial, heavy attacks, passive 1 and passive 2

Rush the heavy attacks, go for health regen and stamina regen on passive 1, then get dash attack, the others aren’t as important.

  • You’ll always unlock fallen wings and demon form first
  • You’ll always unlock the three heavy attacks
  • You can only get 2 of the passive 1 skills
  • You can get 3 (4?) of the passive 2 skills

I haven’t been able to find the 11th skill (Da’at slot), since the achievement didn’t trigger it probably is in the game.


As long as you know the mechanics, defeating bosses isn’t that hard, usually the special mechanic (if present) is listed on the achievements page, you can also ignore said mechanic and go for the cool achievement.

I’ll list them below if you can’t figure it out:

  • Abdiel – Nothing, hide behind a pillar and gun him down for the achievement.
  • Nebuchadnezzar – Nothing, just don’t jump for the achievement.
  • St.Olaf – Nothing, no clue on the achievement.
  • El Cid – Equip the Sword of Spirit, Spear of Longinus, Axe of Berserker (Crown of Thorns if possible), and go all in with dash attack and melee combo, demon form not necessary.
  • Mikhael – Nothing, barely move to get the achievement.
  • Gabriel – Vulnerable if you destroy the corner structures, save one structure to get the achievement.
  • Raphael – Nothing, just jump his fire, don’t shoot him for the achievement.
  • Akrasiel – He only takes damage while his swords are red and you’re inside the circle, don’t destroy his swords to get the achievement (no idea how to destroy the swords).
  • Celestial Titan – Nothing, combo him like El Cid for the achievement.
  • Ramiel – The annoying minions stop spawning if you destroy two huge blocks on the sides of the map, don’t destroy the blocks for the achievement
  • Uriel – He sometimes makes a big explosion, just walk away when necessary, achievement from staying the whole fight close to him.
  • Last Ophanim – Bullet Hell, managing to stay in the air for 5 seconds will get the achievement.
  • Azrael – Most of his attacks can be avoided, avoid being catched by the huge worm he uses to get the achievement.
  • Ha’Satan 1st – He mimics all your attacks and uses your items, unequip your weapons and items, takes some risk, but punch him harder than he punches you straight on, use the demon form if possible, no direct achievement.
  • Ha’Satan 2nd – Same as before, but he uses demon form now too, when he uses demon form, disable Axe of Berserker, when you use demon form activate and try to combo him, no direct achievement.
  • Ha’Satan 3rd – Use Tizona to deal some chip damage and use the same strat as on El Cid to beat him, no direct achievement.
  • Metatron – The floor will rearrange, combat behavior changes when you get to 4 hands, no achievement.

Ha Satan appears after some of the archangel fights, if you lose the fight you can retry through a portal in the Upper Heaven, beating the 3 fights unlocks the Secret Ending


Going through the bosses in the order above is probably possible, haven’t tested yet, from the easiest to the hardest whenever possible.


  • No clue on how to kill the yellow sword enemies, only time I have seen one die was after killing Akrasiel
  • To find save data, press Win+R and paste the text below:
    • %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Fallen_Angel\

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