Fallen Flowers – 100% Walkthrough Guide (Achievements, Endings, Tips)

This entailes a full walkthrough with all endings and a story summary at the end.

Complete Walkthrough

General Tips

  • You’ll always run through clicking.
  • Upon dying you get reset to your room. Make sure to heal up before the mini bosses!
  • You can light all the candle holders and turn on all the table lamps, but it won’t do anything.
  • Tip for the final boss, you can tell if she’ll defend this round by her stance. Attack or heal while she defends. Defend when she attacks.


  • In the beginning you can ignore the interior and just follow your sister. Where you have to go is indicated by a yellow circle in front of the doorway.
  • You can’t win the first fight.
  • After waking up again and obtaining the letter rest in the bed. However you can also rest on chairs!
  • Take the Jewellery on the table.
  • Check the cabinet to the very right for a Wooden Stick.
  • The cabinet right next to it holds the Safe Key.
  • The wardrobe to the left has Armor in it.
  • Open the safe to get the Fire Magic Wand.

[Exit your room.]

  • Just Escape from combat for now.
  • The wardrobe next to your parents’ room contains a Shield, which is the better one for now.

[Head downstairs for now, you can come back up later.]

  • The closet to the top on the left gets you another Shield.
  • The left cabinet with drawers to the top on the right has Boxers in it. You have to equip the manually, but until you can get Mana this is the better weapon.

[Head down to the Porch.]

  • In the closet to the left you get a Helmet.
  • Further down to the right is another piece of Jewellery in a cabinet, which is stronger than your current one, but you have to equip it manually.
  • You can now fight to your heart’s content! Don’t sacrifice any enemies yet however or you’ll lock yourself out of an Ending!

[Head back upstairs to the Church.]

  • Inspect the statues. The middle one is important, the other’s are just to get upgrades.
  • Use the Wooden Stick in your inventory and light it with the Fire Magic Wand to get a Small Torch. Light all the candlesticks.
  • There are 8 in the church, which you need to light with the torch. This opens the door to the library which is downstairs in the left corridor.

[Head to the Library]

  • There you will fight a mini boss kind of deal though he’s pretty easy.
  • The cabinet in the back gets you another piece of Jewellery.
  • The glowing points are story. At the back in the bookshelf next to the small table is a Book you can take.

[Climb down the Ladder]

  • To the very right there are Notes on the table.
  • The open cell contains a very easy pushing puzzle.
  • Push the barrel to the right down, then the one next to it to the left. Push the stack down. Push the middle crate down, then the right crate to the right. The barrel goes down, then push the middle crate to the left and the stack of fabrics down.

You can’t do anything with the middle cell yet.

[Head back to the Hall and to the Right Corridor]

  • Cut the spider web.
  • Save, then run where the red leads you and head into the upper servant’s room (that’s the one I went in).
  • You get another Helmet in the closet right by the entrance. Wear it for now.
  • The cabinet in the upper middle holds the Key to the Garden to which the door is in the hall.

[Head to the Garden]

  • In the Garden is the next mini boss. Either get another level or two if you avoid enemies or see when you get lucky and dodge a hit (you only need to dodge one and land your own to win).
  • Now you can comfortably one-shot Rank-and-File Soldiers!

[Head back to your Room]

  • Cut the spider webs.
  • Go through the corridor to Auston’s Bedroom.
  • The closet holds another Shield.
  • Put the Book you took from the library onto the bookshelf and get the Key to the Cloakroom.

[Head to the Cloakroom]

  • There’s a Magic Armor in the closet to the very right.
  • The closet to the very left has another Armor in it.
  • The middle closet holds the next Story item.

[Time to head back to the Underground Dungeon]

  • Talk to the person in the left cell and give them their hat back.

[Back to your Parents’ Bedroom]

  • Open the treasure chest.
  • Trying to open it will trigger the next mini boss. Same game like with the previous one, either level/upgrade your gear (I suggest gear, also you have to re-equip after upgrading) a little or get lucky. (I just double-crit on the second try, talk about lucky!)

[Head back to the middle statue in the Church]

  • Extinguish the candles on the podium with it. This opens the door to the Kitchen in the Hall downstairs.

[Head to the Kitchen]

  • Take the two bottles of Potions from the table and get ambushed when trying to leave the kitchen by the next mini boss! Make sure to equip the Boxers again. This time I also recommend upgrading your gear, just upgrading your weapon suffices. Now with the Mana Potions you can use magic in fights as well! Safe them for now.

[Back to the Dungeon with the Key]

  • Now you can interact with the middle cell.
  • Prepare for another fight, an easy one this time.

[Now head to the Storage Room right across from the Library]

Another pushing puzzle.

The most left book stack goes down, the one next to it right. The middle one goes down as far as possible. The stool goes to the right.

The middle pile of wood goes one space down. The right goes down two. The right chair goes left one space. The left chair goes one space up.

The left upper wooden chair goes up. The left stool goes left.

The crate with fish/wood? that’s not in line with the others goes all the way down.

Congratulations you got to the chest!

  • Time to head to the Balcony and defeat the last mini boss.
  • This is the point where you can get different Endings.


I’ll list them in the order I find it’s best to get them.

Embark on a Journey

  • Ending 4
  • You just need to lose the final boss fight.

Big Family

  • Ending 2
  • You need to kill at least 5 enemies and defeat the final boss (Max upgrade your gear for that one, I used a max. Wind Wand, probably didn’t need to upgrade the other equipment.).

New Life

  • Ending 1
  • This is pretty much the True End.
  • You need to not kill any enemies, give up your magic, defeat the final boss and don’t get caught.
  • Getting caught just yields a Game Over.

Own Judgement

  • Ending 3
  • This feels a bit like a Secret/Bonus Ending. Technically you can get this Ending first.
  • You need to start a New Game and ignore Beverly. Try going down the stairs until you get the Ending.

Story Summary (Spoilers)

  • At the start Darlene’s memories get partially restored with Beverly’s help.
  • Darlene is the daughter of a noble, who had many enemies.
  • Their ancestor was an ordinary knight, who lost his family to enemies in battle and got the necklace his children gifted him stolen, so he prayed to the God, who miraculously granted him magic with which he could defeat his enemy.
  • Beverly is actually an underling of Celeste, an enemy of Darlene’s father, who tried to target Darlene before.
  • They want to kill Darlene after her memories are fully restored.
  • Beverly and Celeste leave claiming Darlene’s fate is sealed anyway and a soldier stops Darlene from pursuing them, knocking her out.
  • When she wakes up in her room she finds a letter from her mother addressed to her father telling to get the weapon from the safe as she herself is currently injured and can’t help.
  • Throughout the mansion you find notes of the servants being unhappy with the nobles, claiming they waste resources and mistreat them.
  • At the end it turns out Celeste is Darlene’s actual mother. And Beverly is Darlene’s half sister. Celeste was abandoned by the nobility while she was pregnant with Darlene. Bartley, who you meet in the dungeon, was the only one to help her, so Celeste gave her future into his hands and they had Beverly together. However Bartley was drafted to work for nobility and “died on the construction site”, which was a lie as Darlene met him in the dungeon.
  • That’s why Celeste became the leader of the worker’s uprising.
  • Auston Ada reshaped Darlene’s memories and promised that if she killed her actual mother he’s taking her back as he is her biological father.

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