Fallout 76 – Enclosed Crop Farm Tutorial

This guide will walk you through how to create an enclosed crop farm in your camp. This can be really useful because instead of all your crops just being out in the world, they are locked inside of a building and nobody can wander past your camp and steal them.

(Also this method doesn’t require any planters or anything like that; it uses the actual ground as a base for the crops.)

Advantages of Building > Planters

Planters are really small and you can only manage to fit a few crops into them. With an enclosed crop farm building, you have a lot more grass that you are able to plant crops on.

Plus, in my opinion, it just feels much more secure having all your crops inside of a locked up building. No one besides you will ever be able to harvest them.

The Best Location

I would highly recommend setting up your enclosed crop farm at the Whitespring golf course. The grass is perfectly flat, which is really needed for this particular build. The grass also just looks really nice; it’s clean and bright green, which looks much better for an indoor farm.


Just follow along and do as I do…

(You can obviously change the size of the building/the walls/the floors to whatever you’d prefer though. No need to copy mine exactly.)

Remember to put a lock on the door!

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