Fallout 76 – Quick Tips for Vending Machines

Vending Machines Tips

Here are some tips for new players who want to sell stuff in their vending machines:

  • Make your vending machine easy for people to find. When you fast travel to your camp, make note of where you appear, then put your vending machine right where you can easily see it when you appear. Most of the time that is where others will appear also, and the vendor will be right there, easy to find. If they appear at the bottom of a cliff and have to climb mountains to get to your camp and vendor, move your CAMP module so it will change the fast travel target point.
  • Also, have more than one vending machine so more than one person can shop at a time – many people will just leave it someone else is using the only vending machine.
  • Put a stash nearby so that people can look to see whether they have or need what you’re selling. If they have to run someplace to look at their stash, they might not come back.
  • If you don’t want people to buy anything from you, store your vending machine(s) – don’t scrap them. The items you have marked for sale will be saved. Don’t leave it out and wall it off where people can’t get to it. This frustrates people when they can’t find your vendor or can’t get to it.

Note: A good tip for newbies is to just stop selling those Ultracite PA plans because they’re as common as dirt, but actually I’m pretty sure quite a few newbies must be buying them.

I hope you found this helpful!

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