Fallout: New Vegas – Ammo Resources

This will save you some time looking for the needed resources to craft ammo.

Before You Use This File

If you’re playing with a xbox 360 controller, make sure you turn that off in the options first.

Because you can’t access your console commands if your controller is still on.

Creating a Bat File

Copy then Paste this whole text to a Notepad Document and save to any name of your choosing but keep it simple to remember. Drag and drop into your Fallout New Vegas Game Directory and you’re done.


;Case Boxes

player.additem 00166d55 1000
;.357 Magnum
player.additem 00166d53 1000
;.44 Magnum
player.additem 00166d54 1000
;.45-70 Gov't
player.additem 00166d57 1000
;.50 MG
player.additem 00166d56 1000
player.additem 00166d4e 1000
player.additem 00166d4f 1000
player.additem 00166d52 1000
player.additem 00166d51 1000
player.additem 00166d50 1000

;Primer Boxes

;.50 MG
player.additem 00166656 1000
;Large Pistol
player.additem 00166658 1000
;Large Rifle
player.additem 00166657 1000
player.additem 00173f7e 1000
;Small Pistol
player.additem 0016665b 1000
;Small Rifle
player.additem 00166659 1000


player.additem 00140ab2 25000
player.additem 00140ab3 25000


;Scrap Metal
player.additem 00031944 25000
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